Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Starting out like another yesterday

I got up at 6:00 this morning so my motor would be running on enough cyclinders to be alert enough to get my tooth extracted today. I decided to post early today for fear of not feeling like it after the ordeal with Dr. Swann.
I came to the site earlier this morning and my counter showed 146 and now it shows 14. I will have to check and see if I inadvertently have it minusing instead of plusing, although I have not touched it since I coded it in.
Jerrell has started showing interest in my computer. Last night I was on the computer later than usual. He hollers from the den "ARE you still on that computer?" Yes, I reply, I am having a blog problem. Part of my bio is on my blog on the front page , so I am working on it.
I immediately lucked up and had it corrected. Then back to the den I go. "Do you realize how much time you spend on that computer?" Yep, sure do. " bet you spend at least 8 hours a day on that thing, maybe even 10." Nah, I don't stay on it that long, I am on and off it during the day. "If you had a job when you worked and had to work that many hours, you would be complaining about being overworked." If you didn't have a computer, what would you do during the day?" I would watch tv some and may clean up the house a little more. "That thing is going to break one day, then what are you going to do?" By this time I was too tard to answer back. Some folks have a savings account or stick backs for a rainy day, I have a stick back for compter repairs. I have been blessed with good credit so I won't worry about that right now.
I have had a computer since November of 1998. Jerrell never has been interested in learning. I tried encouraging him by telling him not to give up, that he would finally learn to make that mouse go where he wanted it to. He knows 3 things about a computer. He knows what a mouse is, the horror of the words, "I think I got a virus" and "welp my puter is down".
Anyone that blogs knows that a large part of a website is using codes. And you better remember what that code was and where it is or that edit buttom ain't worth a pee diddly squat. I managed to get my hit counter close to where I wanted it. I guess the more entries I make, the further down the page the counter will go.
I take very little seriously, so if I make a mistake I just take it on the chin and keep on keeping on.
Gee, I just looked at what time it is, I gotta program my brain now for the dentist. Until I return... God Bless!

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