Friday, June 30, 2006

Tis Friday?

Yep, today is Friday and for many it is also the last day of work, as most plants and businesses take next week off for the 4th of July vacation. Somehow I have no Fridays in my weeks. Since Jerrell started working only 3½ days a week, every Friday is Saturday and Saturday is Saturday to me. He wonders why I get my days mixed up, I have no idea. Yes, HE has caused me to take my medicines on the wrong day and grocery shop once on the wrong day. Also, my not working plays a big role in my weeks I am sure. I really get sweaty when Jerrell's mom calls and ask me what day it is. Now I understand that a 90 year old woman could possibly get confused, but what excuse do I have? It has to be Jerrell. Since Jerrell is an only child, he checks by phone daily and goes to her house most every day. He is down there now mowing her yard and weed eating around the fenced in back yard. She always pulls weeds or something while he is mowing because she always wants to help. Up until just a few years ago, she could take the push mower and do the trim up where the riding mower cannot get. She is not able to do that now. She is a fair driver though, goes pretty much where and when she wants to. Her outtings are less now, other than going to church. She does visit a friend in the nursing home, go to the grocery store, pick up her medicines and get her hair fixed on Thursdays. She can and does do far more than I do. God has truly blessed that lady. We just try to never ask her how she is doing? If we didn't know better, we would swear it was a recording. Her reply is ALWAYS, "Just fine, they ain't nobody told me I wasn't" and then the sweet little grin. Oh it is getting old. Jerrell has made me promise never to ask her how she is doing. I took her to the junkyard one day last summer, told her to sit in the car while I went in to check on the part. Within 5 minutes, in she walks and of course she being old, one of the men says " and how are you today"? I cringed and out it came. That is why I wanted her to stay in the car. The moral of this story is that an only child should never marry an orphan. It just ain't fair.
Welp we got little Roxy a hair cut and decided to get her a "high and tight" for the summer. Her moustache was a like a sweeper, in the house it got all the dust bunnies and a few ufo's;
outside it got most anything from leaves to cobwebs to some kinda little berries hung in it. Then it got wet when she drank water and stiff after her nightly icecream. I was washing one end or the other every day. I think she knows she is missing something since she has always had a moustache, but she has a little short nose and I think she is the cutest and best dog on Holt Rd.
I admit she is a daddy's dog. He will be off for 10 days now and she liable to go into a grieving phase when he has to go back to work. Last night he said she was acting like she wanted to sleep with him....hehe......I said well take her, she will be fine with daddy. I laid a while and as usual couldn't go to sleep so I got up and stayed up for about an hour. I had laid the covers back when I got up so I sat down on the bed, reached for the covers and about came outta my jammers, I felt something warm and fuzzy. There was my sugarbugger in my bed. Hmmm, she cannot jump on or off either beds or go through closed doors, so this morning I asked Jerrell what happened. He said ahhhh she walked all over the bed for a few minutes, then came and sat on my head, so I got up and put her in the bed with you. Now this happened before I got up, within 30 minutes of going to bed and he said I was in the bed. I didn't hear his door open nor see or hear him put her on my bed and I wasn't asleep. We do indeed have some dsyfunctional things going on around at times. I may share some of the humorous ones sometime. Well my clicker has clucked, so until tomorrow, God Bless!

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