Saturday, June 10, 2006

My First Post

THIS is my first post. Tomorrow will be my oldest son's birthday.
I am in the process as we speak of cooking supper. My husband is grilling
steaks, I am cooking home made french fries to go along with the salad and
the garlic toast. This is one of my favorite meals, although my husband's
favorite is "my" fried flounder, which we had last Saturday night.
Today, as all days start up with my body running on 2 or 3 cyclinders and work
up to a near hum by mid afternoon. I am not a couch potato, but more of
a home hermit. I have lost the desire to go out only if it is a must. I do have
one joyful outlet once a week and that is going to the hairdresser. I always
leave with much laughter left behind. Laughter surely is good medicine.
I do not have my site finished nor do I care. I worked quite a while trying to
get my picture with my profile, but for some reason this site appears not
to work as all other sites I have posted pictures to. That will give me something
to ponder over tonight as I sit in my recliner and twiddle my thumbs. Until
tomorrow, good day. God Bless

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