Thursday, June 22, 2006

My lucky day...and blogging

I am thankful for another day and Uncle Sam. My little check was deposited last night, so I hurried to the bank this morning to get my "wad". I was anxious to get to the dentist office and pay that bill off. The little lady looked surprised when I walked in. I don't know if it is because she is so little and I am very tall and I intimidate her or what. After the shocked look when I told her I wanted to pay this bill off, she proceeded to anxiously take my money. I walked out leaving that place in the sea of forgetfullness.
On my way to run a few more errands, I stopped at my usual cigarette buying place and noticed a lot of cars there. Having a one track mind, I proceeded in, bought my carton and got back in my car. Then and only then did it hit me, hmmmm, maybe gas prices have dropped, so I looked and sure nuf it had dropped 30¢ on the gallon so I continue to Richfield to get my Prilosec. Of course my little red needle is pushing Empty. I am one of "those" SUV drivers, but I only get gas when I have to, whether it is $2.69 or $9.99 a gallon. I ran my a/c and continued on to Richfield. Luckily, their Prilosec was on sale. So with a scatch off card from CVS I had $3.00 off and I also had a $1.00 coupon so I was delighted! I was headed home and actually had a productive thought. I will just ride on down to my regular gassing place and get some gas. It was the first time I had seen the pay inside before pumping sign, but I am tall enough I just waved at Juanita over the SUV and she turned the pump on. I felt good. I had a half a tank of gas which is usually the norm for me.
I would like to share some "comments" from some of my readers that I have received in email form as my blog will not take anonymous comments.

Thanks for the nice compliments.

Thank you Bob. I might add that Bob has been the "Voice of the blue devils" at Duke University for 30 years and also was inducted into the North Carolina Broadcaster's Sport's Hall of Fame .
We, the county and City of Albemarle, are proud of Bob. [:¬ )

Claudia, you really have done a great job on this; keep it up! It does appear to be theraputic as all diaries are. I didn't know you could do this stuff. I won't even attempt it. M and I were hoping to go to Albemarle last weekend but we went to Mr. Harris's for Father's Day. Maybe next week or the following. WE love you! Ron and Michelle----

This was from my wonderful "older" brother Ron and his precious wife Michelle. Ron and I have decided I am not just dumb, but had ADD when I was younger as I could never concentrate well. Although I did make it through 2 years of college and then on the insistance of my brother I went to a business college. I enjoyed all my times at college, most of which was extra curricular activities :P~ I am what you call "the black sheep of the family". I didn't learn to type at the business school. I learned it on the job with the Stanly News and Press as a typesetter. You sit and type for 8 hours, you will learn to type. Thanks brother and Michelle for your encouragement. I also proofread some at the press brother, so I did correct one word. Love you!

Good Site Claudia, Nice Bio.I liked reading it ... Great pictures of the Family ! and what a pretty baby Steph has ! Boy how times change everything.... A lot of good memories on Holt Rd..

This one is from Michael," my third son". He is a wonderful young man with a wonderful wife Carrie and two precious daughters. After working as a 911 dispatcher for I think 9 or 10 years, he got tired of being in the pit at the courthouse and is now a police officer with the city police department. You make me proud "Bo".

Hi, Claudia:
I started reading your blog, but unfortunately 1) I'm not feeling too hot lately (more about that later), & 2) you say comments are not to be self-serving. Gee, I'd love to ask if anyone who reads the comments knows of ANY WAY a wannabe writer can get an agent to read & critique his/her work without charging a reader's fee. I promise I'll try to finish reading it very soon. And I do hope your mouth feels a lot better by now.

This is from a great friend of mine in California who in her own right is indeed a writer. I ain't too smart so I really don't know what this comment means, but if I know Anita, she is possibly using constructive criticism which I welcome. Thank you my friend and I will email you shortly.

Thank you for sharing your website with me. I really enjoyed seeing you and your family. Nice looking man you married...real you have done

This is from Polly Schinella from Maine. Polly and I have been friends for 9 years. I actually met her the day I got my computer and downloaded the program mIRC (Microsoft Internet Chat Relay). Out of the thousands and thousands of channels, I saw the perfect one for me, #mirc4dummies. Polly was a channel operator there and we talked daily along with many others. 6 months later I became a channel operator and proud to say I am still on their userlist today. Let me tell you. For true friendships, there is no time or distance. I love you Polly!

That's all Folks.
God Bless!


Avery DeBow said...

I just came across your blog and saw the question about finding an agent who'll read manuscripts for free. It's not likely. They're very busy people whose time is dictated by cash. But, there are online workshops you can take that will get you feeback from a published writer or a professional editor. I've found Writer's Online Workshops by Writer's Digests to be reasonably priced and very helpful. They have workshops for all ranges - from beginning a novel to cleaning up the finished product (which I assume is what you're looking for). I can't speak for other workshops, I've only taken one with Writer's Digest.

It's difficult to put the money out there, but it does pay back in the end. Be careful of those "editors" who charge a fee for reading/critiques. Some are good, others are shams. Always check references.

Good luck.


Moobear said...

Thank you Avery, But I am not sure what you are referring to, if you could be more specific please. Have a great day. God Bless.

Moobear said...

Pardon me Avery, You read a comment from an email I had receieved as I posted the comments from my emails to my post. This was from a writer in her own right who lives in California. I am sure she is aware of what you are referring too. Thanks for the comment tho.