Monday, June 19, 2006

Everything that could go wrong, DID today

I should have stayed in the bed this morning. I almost did. It was 20 til 9 when I heard the phone ring. I never try to get to the phone from the bedroom anymore because I cannot move fast enough to get to it before it quits ringing so I just quit trying.
I did go ahead and get up and I have been behind the entire day. Not that I do anything, but my biological clock is off. Lunch times gets here before I am hungry. Throws everything outta kilter.
I come to the blog and see something here that is not suppose to be here. I wish I knew how I apparently made that mistake because I had tried all last week to get it to do something at that very spot, but totally different than what appeared there today. Not even close. It is gone now. What I did musta worked. Will wait until tomorrow and see if it reappears. So bear with me. I am new at this and frankly doubt I learn very much, very fast. Most of my learnings have always been the hard way so why should it change now. I figured I best blog today as tomorrow morning I get a crowned tooth pulled and I may or may not feel like looking at this computer. Oral surgeons have been known to cut teeth out. Oh well, I was always game for experiencing something at least one time!
I had a wonderful Father's Day. Jeff was home. Mrs. Bunting came by and we just had a good time together. We always find a way to make each other laugh, I am getting to enjoy it. The older I get, the less serious things are. I no longer argue, I know longer cry. I live for the moment because it just could be my last.
I did make a couple boo boos today and I hope things will work out. That has become my middle name lately. I think I know what it is; so my advice for anyone would be, to never try to wean off any medication and buy and try to break in a pair of Rainbow sandals at the same time. It totally changes your actions or lack of. Be sure you have plenty of bandaids. Also, use them before you get the blisters!
I am tard. I will go easy on myself tonight. Keep ya phingers crossed for me as I endure the tooth pulling tomorrow. Until whenever. God Bless!!

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