Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What a wonderful day!

Anyone that knows me, knows what happens to me lately, usually happen in the confines of my home. I am by choice a "home hermit". I know the ladies over at Belk think I have passed away. I used to go so much they knew me by name, although I primarily went on "sale days". I really had a nice friend in the shoe department; she would hold my size shoe in a shoe she knew I would like when it got down to the last of my size. Of course, she knew to only hold them on a good "sale day", otherwise I would not be there.
I have discovered the ease and simplicity of ordering online. I am now a regular LL Bean customer with my own card, as I like the idea of no tax and free shipping. LL Bean has some nice merchandise, BUT I only shop from their sale section online. I get the sale catalogs in the mail as well as non sale catalogs. My initial order was not a sale item. With LL Bean I can actually get a medium tall length (32") in my pants and no longer have to wear "high waters". I bought me a pair of medium tall kakis with the comfort waist and was very pleased. Also, they are delivered to your front door. I can actually make a purchase there cheaper than Belk, counting the gas to get over there, the sales tax and general aggravation in having to drive across town to East Albemarle, which is my least favorite secion of Albemarle. I have yet to go to the new Walmart which has been here for almost a year I think. Other than the pants, I have paid less on the other items that I have ordered than I could have at Belk best sale or Walmart. Luckily and more so, since I am notorious for bad luck, all my items have fit. The only problem I have had and will have to deal with this winter is a pair of boots I purchased. I am looking forward to wearing them in the winter. I missed getting them when they put them on sale the first time, so waited and sure nuf they put them on sale again. Within 3 days the boots were here. I sure liked the looks so I thought I would try them on and make sure they fit and were going to handle my now nerve damaged right foot that don't operate like the left one. Once on they felt great! I was half pleased. The problem I encountered was getting the boots on my feet. Getting them to drop into the heel on the bottom of the boot. With all my might I pulled and pulled. They were described as being "easy to put on" as they have elastic and velcro. My efforts were futile, so I had a thought, I went to the tool drawer and got the pliers and pulled them suckers on with one good pull. Now that should not be necessary! I will deal with that when the time comes, like maybe a washcloth folded to keep from having a plier imprint on the boots .
Grandma Claudia got some beach pictures today of Caroline. She spent last week at the beach and like her mom, she loved the water. The water would splash on her and she would just chuckle. She, along with her mom and dad will enjoy the new pool they are having put in. The concrete should be poured this week, so they will be finished with it in time for all of them to enjoy it all summer. Please look in Moo's Pictures of little Caroline wearing her very own little sunglasses. Absolutely precious! Until whenever. God Bless!

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