Saturday, December 30, 2006

i did it...

Just on a whim, I decided to make the move. I never ever go to my dashboard, but just now I went and saw where it said I could switch over and everything would be the same with some goodies thrown in. :)
Welp, since I already had a google address that saved me from having to do that. All I needed was my sign in for the blog which I used. At some point it will ask for your google email address, but if you did not have one, then you used the other side where one would be assigned to you.

Thanks to Sally I already had a gmail email address as she invited me back in June when I started my blog, so I could use gmail to type my post and send it directly to my blog, which I never did do. I do my post in my home spun address that my cable provider let me choose. I then copy and paste them to my blog. Now why I do it that way, I do not know, other than I just feel in more familiar territory I reckon.

Also I felt like it couldn't be no worse than a hanging and I could quit fretting with it. So for those of you that have not switched, I can tell you that my address did not change, now whether I can get this to my blog is yet to be seen. I had bookmarked my site to post, therefore I never went to the dashboard, but that may very well be my new point of entry.

I also understand that sometimes folks cannot comment without a gmail account, but I have found that you can bypass that by signing in as anonymous and it will accept it and then I just leave my name. Not that I read all that many blogs, but just some of them that have switched I have noticed I could not comment as before once they had changed over.

Enough about that, I did not realize it had been so long since I had posted. It has been a great week and with having Jerrell home, naturally I spent less time on my computer and I have also gotten hooked on a mIRC court tv chat channel where you do not have to talk, you can just lurk and your name does not show up as being there. On good days I might jump in and chat a bit, but as a rule I love to go there and get my entertainment and my laughs. It is amazing at the humor of some folks and they are just being themselves. No airs, no put ons and I can just sit here and laugh myself silly. So I hafta admit I been doing alot of that this week. Just sit and laugh, now how much lazier can one get? :)

I started back to the hairdressers on Thursday after a two or three week hiatus and my sweet hairdresser said no one had my regular appointment time and was delighted to have me coming back regular. She said she would have bumped the person if she had booked them at my time! :P Of course I told her NO you wouldn't! So instead of a haircut this week, I can wait til next week when I get it highlited again and a free haircut goes with that, so-- sure I can wait a week!

To all my friends here, I wish to you all a very safe, happy and joyous New Year! It has been my pleasure to have met each one of you and we have shared our good times and even our bad times with each other. May God richly bless you ALL. You mean so much to me...

God Bless!


Happymama said...

And a very Happy New Year to you too, Moobear! I wish you much health and happiness in 2007. And I'm glad you're getting back to your hairdresser. There's nothin better than a pretty head of hair, don't you think??? ;)

Love ya,

Moobear said...

LOL, yeah! Thanks hon, I hope this year will be better and I really think that it will. Your changing over helped me to make the leap. I knew if I needed help I could holler loud enough that you could hear me since you are in NC too! LOL

God Bless!

butterflies said...

Happy new year to you too!
God bless you and yours with good health and happiness:) TN said...

Thanks Claudia for the invite to change over. Everything went smoothly. Maybe I can get back in the groove now that Christmas is over. Kinda got behind on reading and posting.
Glad you got your hair appt. back. I need a hair cut now. My hairdresser quit and I don't know where to go. Oh well, I have more important things to worry about.
You have a Happy New Year to. PTL your meds are working.

Ordinary Janet said...

Glad everything's going smoothly!

Happy New Year!