Friday, September 15, 2006

a day do make a difference...

I have had to take a brief Moobatical, tho much needed. The weather is cooling off some and I can finally feel the fall in the air in the wee morning hours. It is wonderful, makes you want to raise your windows and let the good things in and air out all the bad things. Just refresh the house and ourselves.

Today is a beautiful sunny day but still has the same amount of hours the rainy days we have had this week did. Each day is a gift to me and I am so blessed. God is good.

Amongst the bad news I have had this week, there too has been some good news. My wonderful friend in South Carolina got to go see Nancy Grace speak and talk with her in person afterwards. Now this lady is not well, but was driven by her brother the 250 miles one way to Pembroke, NC. Although she had to do alot of lying down in the big back seat of the Deville, she was living her dream. She shared with me the happiness and sheer joy that she had and will always have from having met Nancy. She told it in such a way I could even feel her excitement flowing in the email. If there is one, true dedicated and devoted Nancy fan, it is this sweet lady. I am so happy for her.

I do finally have a Justice Magazine update. I received an email from the circulation manager telling me that the magazine was no longer in publication and my record had been reviewed and my refund was being processed and I should get my check in the next few weeks. I have no idea of the ins and outs of any business, but certainly I was surprised and wondered if they had any bad luck Buntings working there. Or was it cause I jinxed them, just having subscribed. Some things will remain unknown. That is one of them.

I have mentioned both my sons in many of my post. Even with all the things I have going on this week, I did get some humor and from the oddest and least expected source. I was delighted to find that Kevin still has not changed much from the way he was at home, just more proof that he do indeed have some Moo genes in him.
Enjoy yourself and see this happy scientist in rare form and not only does he look like me; here, he is acting like me. Poor youngun.
Click Here and see the happy scientist. I did- I did hafta laugh as it was funny and still the Kooner we all love and cause he can still enjoy the simple things in life, like a freebie he didn't know he was gonna get. A-webcam-. Well nothing is free, let's just say he gotta "I didn't know" something on their new pc. They are now living in a cramped up apartment until they find the right house. When we visited them, Jerrell had to sleep in a single bed in the dining nook -right side the piano. One wall in the dining room is almost to the ceiling with boxes. The make-do life is rough on them. Kevin had a hard time adjusting to sitting down to the dinner table to a good meal, pleasant to see Silvia across from him and Cynthia on the end, but he said he got so tard of sitting beside a lawnmower. So I keep hoping the situation will be changing soon. Too, apartments are not well built, as I just about took one down when I fell heading to the toilet one night on our one and only visit to that apartment in Ohio!

I, along with many, many others wonder why I stay confused so much. It is things like this:

Cheney in 2006: "We must complete the mission".
Bush in 2003: "Mission accomplished!"

Duh, excuse me, now that is just what I am talking about. I do not like confusilation.
My husband is home today so all three of us dogs is gonna have a great day, I wanted to let ya'll know I am still a kicking, tho low as it may be.

God Bless!


Teresa said...

A day certainly does make a difference! Glad to hear you are feeling better. There is something strange about reading blogs that happens to people that have never met and most likely won't ever get to see each other in person. You read about a person's life each and every day and you feel like you know them. When they have a bad day, you feel bad for them. When the news is exciting and good, you actually feel happy for your blog friend. So, I really am glad your day is going well. TN said...

Glad you are feeling better. I think I felt bad yesterday because you felt bad....but like is better. Bill went for an echocardigram yesterday and they put a holter monitor on him to wear 24 hours. Last night was the BEST night he had had in three months. When he lay his head down on the pillow, he didn't start hurting like he normally does. He said, "Whoh, what is going on here"? He slept all night until 5:00 this morning. Now you explain that to me. I had to make a note everytime he had an angina pain. Well, I think he had three in 24 hours. I took his monitor back this morning and told the nurse what a good night he had had, and she said that's what happened to her...she has to wear one ever so often and she never hurts when she has it on... I'm anxious to know how he does tonight after his monitor is gone. Oh Well, time will tell. Claudia, your son does look like you. He certainly does look happy and relaxed and sooooo young!

Moobear said...

Thank you so much teresa for your comment cause that is exactly the way I feel about my fellow bloggers. If they don't blog, it worries the puddin outta me, that they sick or something. Thank you so much hon.

And Clara, I am thrilled to hear that Bill had a great night. I have heard of those monitors, but thought they were to check out just what your heart was doing while you were asleep, sorta like them sleep abnea testers. Only 3 in 24 hours, that sounds like a record for him. I just pray he does well tonight without the monitor. I can so much feel for Bill cause as he and I know those visits are NOT pleasant.Maybe it regulated it or something since the nurse said it had helped her. I might hafta check into this with my doc when I go next month.
Now I don't want you a feeling bad, you just let me handle that cause I am more experienced. :)
Yeah Kooner do look a whole lot like his Moo, sorta creeps me at certain angles when I am around him. Jeff looks more like his dad, tho he has Moo's honker too.

God Bless both of you great blogging friends. And teresa I dunno where you live, but clara is close enuf we could meet half way. Just maybe one day....

God Bless! TN said...

The monitor is to record what your heart is doing while you are sleeping and any other time. It was a mystery to me that he didn't hurt while he had it on. The monitor doesn't keep you from having pain. And the nurse said the same thing. She doesn't hurt as much when she wears it. She couldn't explain it either.

Moobear said...

Now that is plain weird. Hmmm I will be sure to ask my doctor about that now. Thanks for the additional Clara.

God Bless!

Gattina said...

It's kind of childish what the guy says above me. I tried to get his blog but it's not "available or not found".
Hope nobody played the piano when Jarrell had to sleep besides it.
I also feel the same like Teresa. It's so true, you meet people in the whole world and you become friends. There are no borders, no politics, no races only the human counts. And this should also proof that all people (besides a very few here in blogville) are getting very well together. It's a pitty that it is only here and not outside. If politicians wouldn't exist !
By the way My Mission is not accomplished !I suggest Bush should have a blog !

Levi said...
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Moobear said...

Yes Ingrid, at times childish people tend to do childish things. I just have never thought I just had to comment anywhere bad enough to "join up" somewhere to say something rude or show my ignorance. I thank the Lord for that.Besides, I do that every day in my blog. And yes, the friends we have made here are real friends. Now that's what I am talkin about!
Politics=rubbish to Moo. Thank you Lord for that too.

God Bless!