Wednesday, September 13, 2006

a day of sadness and reflection...

I do not know how any of you folks do your blogs, but as I have said before, I write mine up in the confines of my comfortable email page and then copy and paste to Blogger to publish. More times than not I copy and paste to Drafts because it is either unfinished, needing an ending or for me to try to correct any errors prior to publishing.

Yesterday's post was actually done Monday afternoon and put into my Drafts until I finished it and published it yesterday. Otherwise with my memory I just might not remember all of the things that happened yesterday. Better known as "short term memory loss".

Shortly after creating a post and placing it in my Drafts, I received the awaited and anticipated email from a precious young lady, Malinda. She and her husband, Todd, are young enough to be my children, but age just didn't seem to make any difference at all in our friendship, which I so much treasure.
Malinda had emailed me earlier, actually early September that Todd's dad was in the hospital with serious heart problems again. Then on September 6, I again received an email telling me that Todd's dad had taken a turn for the worse.
On the afternoon of Monday, September 11, 2006 I got an email from Malinda telling me that Todd's dad, Coleman Edward "Booger" Lee, had passed away that morning at 8:12 in our local hospital.

Yesterday I posted the already prepared post to my blog, but today I am addressing the sadness and grief I have and feel for Todd as he and his dad were so close. He does have siblings, which I do not know. I met Todd and Malinda over 13 years ago and we have a great friendship. They are one of the closest and devoted to each other couple that I have ever met at such a young age. Relationships like theirs, tells me alot about them -the persons they really are.

Physically I can go tonight as they receive friends and an evening funeral will follow at 7 p.m. Emotionally I cannot go. Over a year ago, I had to leave an out of town funeral that I had attended and had gone alone to, for a dear aunt of mine. It took a toll on me for reasons that I cannot control; is not good for my overall health and well being. I talked to the doctor about what happened and he told me for the betterment of my health I should avoid anything upsetting as seeing one grieving or hurting breaks my heart. I have not always been that way. I could handle it then. I cannot now.

So this morning I called Todd. He and I had our own little special talk and he certainly understands. Although I will not be there in body, I will be there tonight in my thoughts and prayers.

Today, also is the day that Susan Godfrey will deliver a living baby into this world with only a few hours of life to live. The baby has Potter's Syndrome which means the baby has no kidneys. Yet another sad part of my day. I know that Susan and all the family with God's graces will make it through this. I cannot imagine how being in that situation must be, but to bear it all hasta be done with help and Susan has God right there with her and the family and baby today. God Bless you Susan. Susan chose to have God in her life. I heard of Susan's plight through my good blogging friend, Kristi (happymama).

I am glad it is a gloomy, dreary day here where my home is, cause today, had the sun been shining, I would still have this still, quiet, subdued sadness inside me. There is a time for fun and laughter, but also for tears and thinking. Today I am doing the latter.

God Bless!

8 comments: TN said...

So sorry you are sad today. May all your sorrow and sadness flee away. May God bless Tony and Malinda . The eternal God is their refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

Anonymous said...

Claudia, I am sorry that today is a day of sadness & sorrow. My thoughts & prayers are with you, as well as praying for Todd & Malinda, and the Susan Godfrey family (I also am aware of this tragic event by reading happymama's blog). God has a purpose for everything, & even though we might not know nor understand now, we will someday! When I am really down and sad, I try to remember what my pastor says: :"God is good"! So true.
Love you.

Gattina said...

There are days full of bad news and there are days full of good news, I prefer the latter one, but have to handle the first one too. How sad for the little baby's family !

That Cleaning Lady said...

Be happy knowing that Jesus has it all under control. Not for us to understand or to question, becauswe the plan is already there. Those that go before us are there with Jesus, resting and happy in love. We'll all be together one day soon...and all those doubts and questions will be resolved.
I'm happy to say that I agree with your doctor, avoid those situations that cause you undue stress and strain on your health. Rejoice in the happiness of knowing the people that touch your life... isn't it sad and wonderful that we aren't hermits?
With love and hugs today Claudia...

Happymama said...

Hey Moobear, did you know you can save your posts to a draft in your blogger dashboard? AND! To answer your question, when you change your template, it automatically changes your posts over, however, if I am not mistaken, you do have to redo anything that you have added to your sidebar. Like your counter, map, etc. I can't say that for sure and for certain. But everytime I have ever switched my templates, I have had to do my codes over for my "sidebar extras." Now, I don't know if Andrew had to do all of that or not. He may know something we don't. LOL

I do hope you're feeling better in body and spirit soon. You mention your magic pills quite often. I'll be praying for you, Moobear.


Gattina said...

No post today da da da da dumm (instead of no milk today)

Moobear said...

Although I cannot access my blog, I can my comments through another source.
I thank you ALL for your kind and much appreciated thoughts and comments. I dunno what is wrong with Blogger, as you can view some and not others. Probably something to do with the new Beta and us that did not change are being punished. :P
Excuse me while I BOO HOO.

God Bless!

Moobear said...

Oh and Kristi, hon, Blogger is where I copy and paste to. The Drafts in Blogger. Thanks for the info.

God Bless!