Monday, September 18, 2006

ain't blogging fun and funnier?...

I spent the entire afternoon on Saturday doing what I do best, which is nothing that nears being constructive. Soooo I sit at this box and from my regular blogs I so much like to read, I mosey on to some of their favorites and then on to some of those folks favorites, more favorites and you find there is no end to the internet or to blogs. Although I have gotten "the end of the internet" email before.
In reading a variety and I do mean a variety of blogs, I came to the conclusion that all bloggers are as different as snowflakes. Tho some may be similiar, there just ain't no two just alike that I have found. Some I would find in the oddest and least expected places and of material my know better eyes dare not read and of course I left so fast that I seriously doubt the hit counter even registered a hit.

All of them leave the heartprints of the person behind their blogs; now that fascinates me, what makes some folks tick. Some blogs are purely picture happy and then I hafta decide, do they just like them pictures they posted, all pictures, or just something in those that jumped on their blog. Now I want to be the first to tell you that I can't like the youtubers's music videos or at least 99 1/2% ofem. I hafta try my hardest to findem and cuttem off. Now the quiet, can't find, relaxing music I can like. Yes, there are those that justify existance.

I took a taxi ride several weeks ago in a city that I have no idea where it was, but boy was it a ride. After wondering for those weeks, just where had I been, I went to the source, the bloggee herself and by crackie my taxi ride was in the Phillipines. Does that count towards my ever so small number of places that I have visited in my life? I think not.
I have helped folks move from one city to another so its just too bad I ain't planning on moving cause I have the mover's plan science down to the nitty gritty. We all finally got Owen here and I promise you folks I just might hafta ride that road getting me a grandbaby and best you folks know you have been forewarned and you must, gotta ride that roller coaster with me too or I just might completely lose it and check out fore that youngun ever gets to cry- at it's first sight of Moo!

The really, really great program that many of you good folks have just tickles my fancy. Nothing is more fun than the Google searches that brings some folks to this blog. I gotta list of my top 5 if I can find them here that I want to tell ya'll about.
It is found: Now to figure out how to list them. No particular order, these are just my top 5 that I jotted down. Here be the search words of the most high, Google Search. Oh and for those that did not know, there is now also a For real. I shall not lie.
1. make ahead horderves
football horderves

2. Cane Or hobble Or limp Or stairs Or chair "weak

3. looking for women's rubber overshoes in 50's and

4. married to an only child

5. don't take life for serious
Welp dunno about you, but I am married to any only child and it do have its downs and downs, and I tried the cane deal, but spent entirely too much time a hunting it, but other than that, I can only laugh as they ain't nowhere near being close to being the Moo. I do admit when I go check this program I am on the hunt for them google goodies cause they most always are sooooo funny and laughter is my life now.

Jumping topics is something I always do, so here I jump to a little bit ago. I had walked Roxy and enjoyed it so much and the first thing I happened to see when I walked in the house was some disgusting what nots that I am swearing off- of to complete the mastering of the new and improved simple life.

Right there on my pretty wormy wood mountain made hutch sat them stupid ducks. The big daddy duck, midlle sized mama duck and the little baby duckie. Now all ya'll know them duckies went out of style and production and quacking at least 20 or 25 years ago. Sooo Moo gets them ducks and puts them underneath that now handy little doors on the bottom of that pretty wormy wood mountain made hutch to hide such stuffsssss as that!

It also rang the bell that I had told P about. I was a wanting to find my oh so pretty jar of colorful coral, seashells and other oceans beholders of, which I have no idea what they be, so I could enjoy them as they never go out of style. Welp my first "luckie" in well over a good two months was in my eyesights as I peered upon them throught the probable years of dust gathering thru the crack of them doors. I puller out, head for 409 and washer good and now P can see all my jar of wonderful things that only the ocean could produce and keep for some ole Moo in North Carolina to enjoy. It almost prompted me into a clean up mode, but I over ruled... Just not gonna happen today...
Roxy has eaten, I ain' until........

God Bless!


Teresa said...

I have spent several hours in one afternoon just gong from blog to blog. Then I go weeks when I only read my 4 or 5 regular blogs. Of course one of those is yours! I have seen "Clara from Tn." leave comments on your blog. I was wondering where in Tenn. she is. I live about 10 miles north of Knoxville, Tenn. I was born in N.C. ...small town named Murphy. I do like the country life!

Moobear said...

thank you much for being a part of my blog life. Hon, that wonderful lady, clara, lives in Bristol TN and I feel sure she won't mind my saying. I have heard of Murpy NC, as in "from murphy to manteo" many times in my life.
I hope you just have a great day. cause that is just what good friends are spose to do.

God Bless! TN said...

Hi Moo, and Teresa....Yes I do live in Bristol....actually Bluff City, a little place just outside of Bristol. North Knoxville, Huh? Now what is Murphy close to? Is it the way you travel I 75? My daughter has lived several places in Knoxville. Now she lives 12 miles East of Knoxville, in Blaine.... just off 11W. Claudia, I hope you didn't mind me talkin' to Teresa on YOUR blog. I enjoyed your blog today. I have about ten blogs that I read daily, and then every once in a while I go searching.... and talk about a good way to pass time away....not that I need an outlet to pass time away,'s fun! I read one blog about this guy who lives in Alaska. I feel like I have been there time and time again. He makes me so tired from cutting all that wood to burn in his stove. LOL. He calls his wife The Mrs. and calls his son The Boy. They just had a new baby and he calls it "The New Boy." Bill dreads winter so bad, but if he liked Blogging like I do, he wouldn't dread it near as much. He won't even come near the computer. I say "Come On Ole Winter"

Moobear said...

Just help yo self clara, don't make me no difference, that's what friends are for, sides I am kinda curious too. Shucks we all three are just about in half-way a meeting places. And too, we can chat this away too. Ain't no comment linit as far as I know, so we need to get all we can outta Blogger as they just don't give out a whole lots. :P~
Ya'll carry on, I am just on patrol here there and everywhere today.

God Bless!

Teresa said...

Clara, I've been to Bristol many times. I live north of Knoxville, between Knoxville and the tiny town of Norris. Murphy was the town in North Carolina I was born in. Murphy is in Cherokee County in west N.C. Thank you Claudia for letting us chat a bit in your comment section.

Gattina said...

I am not living so far away, with just a little click I am with you and when I see in the evening where I have been in the whole world I feel like a jet-setter ! I usually start in NC then go to Hawai, France, UK, Los Angeles, Bresil and even India. And it does so good, because we are all the same whatever country we are coming from. Yesterday I found a mother with 12 children (!) and still time to blog one who had been raped as a child (horrible) a guy who kills 1000 of arabs in his blog, a marine soldier who praises old Bush and has even a speech of him on his blog (I felt asleep) and so on.
But if there is one person who helped me starting to be able to do so, then it's you Claudia ! You were the first to put me on your blog and you helped me start in any way. Thank you for that !

Happymama said...

I'm just about 45 min. from Charlotte, NC. And I like to surf my favorite blogs too. If I have time, I usually end up doing what you mentioned, Moo, visiting my favorite blogs and their favorite blogs and it truly is unending. LOL


Moobear said...

Oh Ingrid, you are such a special friend to me! I only wish I could have helped you more.For what very little I did, you my friend are quite welcome. Loved your blog today, have not had time to comment yet. Thanks hon.

Kristi, I am 45 miles from Charlotte so about the same distance in drive time. I dunno where you are, but I am in the little hick town of Albemarle. If you do not want your location known, feel free to use my email envelope and email me. Shucks, we may be very close. Thanks for your special sweetness and your faith that so inspires me.

Teresa, hon, you comment just as much as you like. Thank you too for being a part of my blog life. :)

God Bless!