Wednesday, September 27, 2006

can't beatem, join'em or give up?...

My gut feeling is telling me that I just might need to find me a real doctor and possibly spank the dentist I have or find another one. I ask for no sympathy from them or anyone else, but just a bit of mercy on fools like me!

Here I sit, not knowing any more than I did before I went to my doc. I do know a little more than I really wanted to know instead from my dentist, whose scroney little butt has meandered in and outta my house too many times to do me like that!

And yes they, the doctor and his incompetent staff dropped the ball on my now over two months ago begging for an oxygen level check. Apparently shame jumped on them a tad as the nurse has already called me twice to tell me that a special unit from Charlotte will hafta come as this honkie town do not have no body no where that is under the saintly plan of Cigna Insurance. What a crock! Not only do they think they are going to drive over here and charge me a potload of money they think they gonna hookey me up to some stupid machine to sleep with when I cannot sleep no how. Ain't gonna happen. Soooooo I call this honkie town's health department this morning, to the home health part of it and just ask them how do they check folks oxygen. Just as I thought, they use the finger thingy for $179 and have the results in seconds or at times they use the Oxy Pro for $499. So she tells me to hold on and she will lemme talk to a nurse. A bell did ring, but not too loud cause I had not been up too long. A nurse named Debbie answered the phone and I asked her Debbie how much? When she said her name, I tolder that the good Lord still works miracles as it was Jerrell's first cousin Debbie, a RN with them. Bless Pat, she said she would be delighted to come by my house on her dinner break and check my oxygen level for me and she is the one that told me the reason that the Charlotte joint wanted to do all that stuffssss was to see if I had sleep apnea. I do not. But my now depressed brother do.
That problem is now solved. Her late father had emphysema so I know Debbie will know if my level is good or bad, cause I bet she checked her dads at least 999 times or more. So when them Charlotte Oxy folks call, I will tellem I dunning done it. God is good.

Since it has been 4 years since my last catherization, doc sorta thinks I just might outta have another, so he was going to chat with the cardiologist yesterday afternoon and call me. I am still waiting on that call.
This honkie town do not have no cardiologist of their own, we use the services of Charlotte Cardiology who offer their services a couple days a week for fools like us that have docs like I do in this honkie town. The last catherization I had done here at the one and only now newly named, Stanly Regional Memorial Hospital. Whoopppeeeee. BUT the thought hit me just a bit ago that they had a falling out with our hospital and tho they still come see us fools over here, we now hafta go to Charlotte for a catherization, so looks like Moo's big butt will be a going to Charlotte, should I just happen to get that phone call that doc told me he would make to me.

Then I make my merry way to the already made ahead of time appointment with the dentist. More happy hours in yesterday! I guess I shoulda kept them check up appointments that I didn't for the last two years, as I got more tooth problems than I do teeth. Most are crowned without root canals and some root canaled and not crowned. I got a swifty five on the bottom that are perfect. What a fine place for them to be. So that little scroney butt is working on a plan for my mouth and so is Moo and I don't think our plans are gonna match. Although he told me he was going to give me a little slack as he is a good friend of my oldest son and not charge me but for two of them about 10 x-rays, well whooppeeee I left $85 behind and drove home.

Give up has never been in my vocabulary, but I am taking a liking to that twirpy little phase more and more each day. My day ain't over yet. I still wanna know bout the oxygen and keep giving the doc the benefit of the doubt, still thinking surely he will call me about the heart catherization as it is a tad more delicate procedure than the EKG I had done in his office yesterday and maybe too the cyst he said most likely was the cause of the swollen, fluid filled sac section over my back- top of my ribs, bout the size of my hand. Oh well, how am I spose to know?

So I did check in to let you good folks, I hadn't checked out just yet. Gee, how would you know if I did. Oh well, got a lot on a little mind... until

God Bless!

5 comments: TN said...

Oh Claudia, I'm sorry you are having to go through all the Dr. stuff. The catherization isn't too bad. I've had it done on my carotid artery twice.....and twice surgery on the same side. The other side has always been open. Bill has had the caterization many times. I will say a prayer for you my friend...that all will be well!

Grammie said...

I have been checking in every day....and was so relieved to see your new posting this afternoon. I was getting worried about you!
But, I am so sorry to read what you are going through right now. I know that health issues can really bring one down. Please keep your spirits up and know that there are many of us here in "Blog World" who care deeply for you.
Take care, Grammie

That Cleaning Lady said...

HALLOOOO and welcome back! Glad you're back on the computer and feeling well enough to want to spank people!!
How about getting a 2nd or 3rd opinion on that heart cath? Seems like doc just wants to earn another payment on his boat from you! Why isn't an EKG just as good without the dye and the needles?
Howdy to Jerrell and puppy too -- and did you see that ad I sent you for doggy stairs?

Gattina said...

Very happy that you are back !!!!

Doctors in white (sometimes green) behave like gods. We are only the stupid mass. It's like in the Mafia, you have to have relations to get attention and care.
I'll remember all my life what I went through in Madison/Wisc. when my aunt was dying from a general cancer ! I could have killed nurses and doctors all together.

Happymama said...

Very rarely will we find a jewel of a doctor these days. And Insurance companies are the biggest scams in our country.

I'm sorry you've been through it over something as simple as checking your oxygen levels. It's a crazy mixed up world we live in!
Such a shame!!