Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i think i need just a couple days of the blahs...

I can clearly remember the day a year or so after I could no longer work and I was sitting in the doctor's office talking with Doc. I was not adjusting real well to being in Alphi oh Disability sorority of which I didn't ask to join. I remember telling the doc that I was doing ok cept for feeling like I had the blahs." Oh Claudia he said, that is depression, tho mild". I couldn't like that neither, although mild as it was.

With another magic pill on my list, I still had the blahs, I just didn't know it cause of the little pill. I have quit the little pill totally and I am the same as I was taking them, happier than I was when I was taking them and so much so that being happy is killing me. My body is in bad shape but my mind ain't and I just cannot keep up with all this happiness, fun, simple lifeing and laughing. It t-totally wears me out as it did yesterday with my visit with my friend Paulette as I will call P here today. Less at times is best ya know.

P arrived all pert and pretty and to my surprise she and Jerrell being the two I knowed would not like my new hair doo with curls all over my head. No kinks, just little pretty 'Shirley Temple" curls. Well believe it or not they both like my hair doo, or I ain't sitting here. I was actually dreading come home last Thursday with all my curls and permanent stuck grin on my face -to face Jerrell, thinking all the time, we might not go out to eat today.

We headed out to the pizza joint way over yonder and we had to take that connector and with P as my witness there was another dump truck that I had again had to suck up. Some serious dumping is being done on the connector for all the locals reading this.

All was going fine, I was behaving at the time and we were enjoying a wonderful lunch. But P will get some of the funkiest looking pizza pieces I ever seen. I did recognize some piece as having a known on it, a Jalapeno peppers. I did consider a piece but never could think of me having a spinach sliced like P do. Yuk. As not to look piggish, we took turns going back to the all you can eat bar. She asked me to getter another piece with the peppers, soooooo I did as well as got one little piece with two peppers and P forked one of them off mine. That one pepper burned so bad, I no longer could taste nor feel or hardly breathe and I drank and drank and I never hafta refill but I did yesterday.

We had no plans for shopping cause P promised me that on Saturday, until looking out the window toward the old Walmart building I saw the outlet store my wonderful, sweet neighbor Pearlie had told me about. I told P about it having name brand stuffsssss in there for good prices and I did it, I asked if she would like to just check it out and believe me, check it out WE did.

Already having a full bladder, but reaffirming myself that I'd just wait til I got home. We drive to the new Burkes Outlet, parked and entered. From that point on it was happy days for me and P and the little checker outter girl that knew us up close and personal fore we left her nice little store.

I know your bladder is what holds your water, but regardless -since I had a renal scan in '96 and saw on that screen my kidney just like it shows in my encyclopedia I knowed a kidney when I saw one. But I asked the nurse, what is that black dot, cause something didn't look just right. She then said oh, that is your right kidney. Hmmmm.
Yep, I had a good pretty left kidney, but my right one had shrunk up and was not functioning so in '98 for my one night stay back surgery, my terms or I would not have it, only stay one night. Welp me and that pole I had to drag went to the pottie every 15 minutes the entire night. When first shift came on and I was rip raring to go home, I told her I ain't slept a wink for having to tinkle every 15 minutes. Welp she slowed the dripper down and it was heaven. Now why didn't I could have thought of that the day before and then I mighta slept well. But that's ok, I went home that day.

Entering that store I had to use the bathroom and still was having too even more when we left. We stayed over one hour in that store! Asking the nice checker outter girl, where the bathroom was, she pointed to the Girls department and said up on the wall. Well I told P, I knew I was real tall, but I was not tall enough to go to that toliet up on the wall. We laughed alot cause everything in that store was funny yesterday.

We separate for a bit and P always finds something she likes and just has to have, but it is never in her size! Why is it some folks like P, don't go to the "for me" size rack to hunt something she might like, but hasta always find something in a different size rack. I am still pondering on that and probably will forever. After finally calming her down and I was slap wore out we went separate ways and I found me a little bamboo dinette suit on display and it invited my full belly, full bladder and now larger posterior to have a seat. Dropping into the bamboo chair I did hear a crack, but forgot to check if a bamboo cracked when I sat or not. By this time, I had my arms full of right sizes of P's as she came running to me, throwed me the clothes and all I heard was "hurry, take these....#2... and toilet on the wall". That'll teach her to eat such as she did on her pizza slices at that pizza joint.

Welp, she got her second wind, but I didnt. P says, but there is more back there. Now you folks knows how deep, back there is -in a former Walmart store. I look at my watch and it is 10 til 2 and I told P, if I didn't get home and use my bath room and finish cooking them pintos I won't gonna have a husband no more so we headed to check out.

With P as my witness I have never done this before, but I was so tired I literally hopped on and sat on the check out counter place and the checker outter girl asked me if I had a Monday or a Friday card. ♂"DUH"♂... I know I don't get out much but do ANY of you folks have a Monday or a Friday card? I would just love to know. I got to know.- I thought. Yep I gotta Monday card. So I whupped out a card and our little friend said this ain't no Monday card, I told her I knowed that, was just trying to get by with my Meddycare card. So here she goes with trying to talk me into getting a Monday or Friday card and I told her again I had to tinkle and I could not today. I just told her I wanted the additional 15% off and the senior discount. She then hands me a Monday and Friday card. Now why didn't she do that to start with cause my bladder is a busting. Not only did she gimme that card she gave me a puncher card so when you buy x number of dollars of merchandise you can get a punch on yo card. And by crackie she dunning punched my card one time. So I am already ahead of the game.

Oh there is so much more I could tell you folks, but the most important thing in it all, is that I got home and headed and turned them pinto beans on and had a happy Pinto eatin hubby and my bladder got one of the best reliefs she has seen in a long , long time.

I was slap worn out, my legs and back ached terrible as did other things. The "I just know I will go to sleep tonight" evening thoughts did not work, but that little pepper did as I started my second try at sleep at 12 mid-night EST. This will be one of those...(some really, really good stuff)

....to be continued

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

We did have fun, didn't we? That little checker outter girl (and the entire store) will never be the same again! Little checker outter probably hopes we never come back, but the "toilet up on the wall" made my day, as did the "quarter in your butt"!! And I don't KNOW why I always wind up the wrong size section.....

Moobear said...

...and here's your Sign P!
...and that's what friends are for...

God Bless!

Happymama said...

Oh, I'm laughing here, Moo. Very funny story. I'm so glad you shared it with us. :)

Thanks for your comment today. It was so very sweet. :)


Clara....in TN said...

Oh, how I am laughing!!! I needed that today. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.
My daughter tells me I have the biggest bladder in the world. I don't have to go all day if I'm out shopping. In fact I got worried about myself one time and I told my Dr. that I could ride from here to California and never have to stop to go to the restroom. He didn't seem worried about it and just kinda grinned and said that must be awfully handy!!! so I never worried about it any more myself.

Teresa said...

I am so happy I read your blog today. I needed a good laugh. Isn't it wonderful to have fun with a good friend!

Gattina said...

Oh Moo, this time you made me laugh and I remembered when we drove from Las Vegas to Los Angeles I almost was sick because I badly needed to go to the toilet and it hurt so I rushed my husband to find a toilet and just before I exploded we found a gaz station I opened the car door and stormed into the next available toilet ...and when I came out I saw "for men" ! Fortunately I had been alone ! Next day I heard at TV that a woman had to pay 200 $ fine for having used a "men" toilet ! Lucky me, nobody noticed !

That Cleaning Lady said...

I salute your bladder. I can't go more than 15 minutes without having to pee, and there's no way I could wait to get home... I know every bathroom in every store we go to and which ones to avoid. Even been in men's bathrooms on more than one occassion, and I'm glad Ingrid didn't get fined for using a mans bathroom! Sometimes it's an emergency!