Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i do, i do love my dog...

It is now 8:30 a.m. I am in awe of life. Just sharing a tid of a bit of my life today. My day usually does not start at 5:30 a.m. running into Jerrell at the bathroom door. Fortunately, Roxy has a built in alarm clock for when Jerrell forgets to set his. I awoke to Roxy breathing in my face and licking me chin and I just wanted to squeeze her, cause I was panting and so glad to wake up after having two back to back nightmares and was I ever so happy she woke me up, at least this morning.

The only thing norm around my house is getting up at 5:00 a.m. for Jerrell and Roxy. Jerrell with the aid of his alarm clock and me with Roxy crying to get put down to get to her daddy. Since she will not or cannot jump off the bed, I hafta put her down on the floor. But what I still yet to understand is why she wants to run around the bed and not let me pick her up to put her down. So since I was wanting not to go back to sleep after the nightmares, I thought I would stand up, just thinking she wants me up too is why she runs around the bed. I stand up and she still runs, but as I reach to fetch her, I just hafta hit my numb foot on the bed railing somehow, as so far they ain't nutin hid under it -yet so it gotta be the railing.
How a numb foot and leg can hurt when hit- I do not know, but hurt, it did. So with both me and Roxy now up, I head for the bathroom.

That is where me and Jerrell hit. Of course he goes first as he is already 30 minutes behind so I head for the already made coffee, pour a cup and sit on my thinking stool, which I told Jerrell this morning is going to hafta have a cushion today. Anything used that much lately is going to hafta be more comfy for Moo's rear. I also told Jerrell how much I appreciated him this morning. I get that urge ever once in a while.

Right up front, I feel ruff. No two ways about it. I am at this time usually just getting up to the new day. After reading the newspaper I meandered to my pc to check my email, etc and Roxy breaks loose barking like a crazy dog. So I finally mosey and do my morning ritual of the opening the verticals on the french doors and open the front door so Roxy can see the real world through the fullview and run her little self back and forth from the french doors in the den to the fullview in the where you come in at. Welp she keeps barking and then there I see two dogs and two peoples, dressed, outside, in the real world and here I am still draggin butt and still in my jammers.

Then the volunteer fire department siren goes off with it's ever so loud siren, as it is located ever so close to our house. I have needed them once, no fire, but Jerrell in the bathtub with a blown out blood vessel once again, that this one I could not stop the bleeding. The tub is the best place to go, so you can wash the blood out easier than from carpet, so forth. And btw Vein Clinics of America $4,500 per leg tricks just do not work. The volunteer fire department for our district do have good first responders. But since my 3rd son no longer is a volunteer it sirens a whole lot longer, they lost a good one when they lost Bo. Welp the siren scares Roxy so she comes a hunting Moo and since my colitis is no longer in remission I was tending to business and with all the barking inside, outside and that dad blame siren, I thought I would surely die today. later......

Welp it is now 1:38 p.m. Things had to calm down a bit or I would not be finishing this post today. I have already gone too far to write about what I had intended to write about today. That is just the way it is. Maybe tomorrow. After dressing I go over and talk with neighbor Jim and look at his new Jeep Cherokee that he and Moe just got yesterday and Harriet the keeper of the Noname lost dog that we all are trying to find the owner of Noname. Jim and Moe have Traveler, a beautiful white lab. I learned all about Sirrus Satellite Radio and E-bay while we talked. Now I gotta have one of them radios so I can hear Vinnie Politan in the mornings. I just gotta. Also found that other than my bit of passing the word around the circle at the bottom of the hill about the Noname dog, Harriet had made flyers, posted them all in the northside as we all concluded it came from this neck of the woods. She had contacted Animal Control and the newspaper will have a FOUND DOG ad in the newspaper today. Welp in the meantime since she and Charlie are lovers of dogs they dunning got attached to Noname pooch. Soooo if no luck with finding the owners of Noname, then it could not have a better home. A quite different dog as they are accustomed to, they adore them never, ever ending, barking, chihuahua dogs that they are notorious as having, tho they are down now to only having 4 of them kind of yaking dogs. FYI yes I did hafta google to get correct spelling of chihuahua. I have no shame.

It is now almost 2:00 and I declare it has been such a long, long, day for me and I am only halfway. I am so glad Gaynelle gave me some homemade veggie soup yesterday and that is one more good cooking woman, so we will have some good soup come supper time. To the suggestion of Jerrell, I think I am gonna hafta move my usual 3 month checkup with Doc now set for October 23 to asap. I am zappin much too fast and more frequent and it cramps my style quite a bit. I tend to override the meds and also my bodies capabilites. I might need a tune up, so we shall see.

If I don't forget til tomorrow I will share with ya'll what I was going to share today. So much can happen without me even moving my SUV. I think Roxy is what gives me the will to walk and do all I manage to do, which ain't a whole lots. I have had a dog for 25+ years except for two breaks when we lost Cindy and Scooter and they are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Oh and we got Roxy a year ago last Saturday and we loved all our dogs, but Roxy is the most loving back dog we have ever had and also the only dog Moo has had the pleasure to have as her bed partner for the past year. They good back warmers and I am a big security blankie for Roxy. Yeah I love her and No, I never thought I would sleep with no dog...If my post appears somewhat rambly today, it's ok, cause I am rambly today too, sooooo...

God Bless!


Happymama said...

I did get tickled reading your blog. I must admit. The paragraph where you're talking about the stool and appreciating your husband just cracked up my funny bone. I don't know why. Maybe it's just the way you tell your stories.

I love my doggie too. They're special parts of the family, aren't they?? :)


Teresa said...

I have always had dogs and I hate to admit that I actually have 4 now. I'm not sure how that happened, but I do love them. Cats are another story. I don't think they love us like dogs do. Anyway, I'm sorry you are getting tired so easily. I don't know why life hands us what it does, but I do believe God is watching over us all. Don't forget to tell us what you were originally going to write about today. You've got my curiosity up.

Gattina said...

Your Roxy is exactly the same race my american aunt had. But from all her dogs I knew from 1971 till 1996 he was really not sympathic. I love dogs too, but he was false would never have believed that of a dog. When my aunt were around he was very friendly to me as if I would have been the love of his life, but as soon as she turned around he changed and bit me !

To Teresa I wish to say cats love there owners as much as dogs but they show it in another way.

Ordinary Janet said...

that was a good post! I enjoyed reading it. Dogs sometimes give us the will to get up and get out of bed, don't they? Spot jumps on my bed in the mornings, there's no ignoring him so I have to get up.

Grammie said...

WOW! Two weeks of missed blog reading has really taken its toll on me. I will have to patiently begin to sift through the missed days as I get back to enjoying all of your wonderful posts.
I hope that you are doing well, Moobear.
Love and hugs,

Moobear said...

Thank all of ya'll for coming to see me, happymama, teresa, Ingrid, Janet and grammie!
Janet, it is indeed so nice to meet ya and come back again. I love your blog! I really do!
And welcome home grammie! Oh, catch up, you will. Just know you were missed and we are all happier just knowing you are safely home.

God Bless!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Maybe Jerrell would be enticed to build Roxy a set of stairs so she can get her own fanny off of the bed without running around?
And YOU my friend... my dear Claudia, you need WATER!!! Colitis is from dehydrated bowels...PLEASE increase your water intake, and get offa that coffee. Caffeine just sucks the water right out of you and sucks calcium out of your bones. No, I'm not a doctor, but I read a lot about dehydration-- want to know how dehydrated you are? Sorry to be indelicate (cover your eyes if you're easily offended) how dark yellow is your urine? Is it strong smelling? Welp, there ya go... your kidneys are working too hard and you need water. It's free, its easy and it can't hurt you!! Easy way.. fill the coffee cup up with water, drink it, fill it up, drink it -- as often as you would fill it with coffee, fill it with water and drink it! You won't be putting out as much urine as you do if all you drink is coffee, because coffee takes more out than you put in, but you'll feel better, more perky less pain.. what can it hurt?? Jesus puts us in people's lives for a reason, dear friend... you need water, Jesus said we need water and Him... so????
Oh... any word on the dog yet?