Friday, September 29, 2006

such a beautiful fall day here...

Fall is finally here. The air is cool and has the crispness that only fall can have. I have learned to appreciate even the smallest of blessings that I used to never know they were even there. So aging does have its benefits. I love to be out and walk when you don't have sweat bullets all over your face, hair and neck. That is usually the only place heat gets to me. Like last night my toes got so cold I had the cramp in one big toe, then bout the time I conquered that one, it got in my other big toe. You can bet your sweet bippy tonight I will have an extra blankie on just my feet!

As I normally do with my blog, I post just what is happening at the time, just happened or just before happening. That is what my blog is, my life on whatever day I am blogging. Today happens to be a day of little action and I am actually enjoying it. Although I missed some action by changing answering machine a few weeks back, just cause I had an extra and had nothing better to do at the time. It has no light that blinks like I am used too and I just happened to see a 2 on there, meaning I had missed two calls and I been home all day. I click on play and one was my neighbor (who btw called yesterday) and the other that oxygen outfit from Charlotte wanting me to callem. I first call my neighbor, priorites take precedence in my life. Well having my friend P's # etched into my brain, I inadverently called P instead of my neighbor and we talked for bout an hour.

After a lull, I called the oxygen folks and found out that their little tricks were not gonna be of no benefit to me and bid them a good day. Then on to calling my neighbor who is also upset at my doctor for not having called me yet. Her rage made my rage greater. After all, he is her doctor too!

I believe in fair play, so I giving him til Tuesday. A week is ample time to call me concerning something as serious as my heart! I will talk to the nurse and I will tell her that I want to talk to him or he best be calling me back or I will be up there. And she knows me well enough to know that I will do what I say I will do. If his excuse is not satisfactory to me, then yes, I will be making my own appointment with the cardiologist like I shoulda done in the first place. This my folks is called righteous anger and only used in extreme cases of my being excessively upset.

Well folks since it was cool today, I broke out my new LLBeaner boots in hopes of wearing them and breaking them in a bit for the long haul of winter. I declare if I didn't get them on w/o the aid of pliers. However, I did find out that you cannot wear a thick sock and gettem on, but you can wear a thin, slicky sock or stocking like sock, glided right on. Now I am looking forward to breaking out my windbreaker jacket I also ordered when I ordered the boots. I do like LLBean and their quality stuff. I can clearly remember the time me and Sally from My Thoughts were emailing and just before raising a holy terror with SmartPost, the sorry US mail system of mailing for LLBean at that time. Thankfully, for myself and Sally, they quickly changed to Fed Ex and saved me and Sally gaining many more gray hairs.
I love fall and winter. I can get warm in the winter with the old wood stove running ya outta the house, but I have a hard time coolin down from the heat of a stovetop burner and an oven and me in a frying frenzy.

My dog is asleep, my husband is in his safe haven, his workshop in the basement and I think it is about time I stop right here and begin to think about what we might be eating tonight as Jerrell and I just got back from the grocery store a bit ago and put a few things in our cupboard and our a.m. biscuit is just about run out. I hope you good folks are enjoying your day and hope it is as wonderful and nice as mine has been so far. I am gonna rest up over the weekend because I do not know what I may meet come the first of the week. A few things are set, a hairdo day for Roxy on Tuesday, a dental appointment for me on Thursday and a moved up hairdressing day on Friday. Until...

God Bless!

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