Saturday, September 02, 2006

I sorta feel like blogging today just might hafta be of slim pickings. I am outta control. To that later, first off I want to congratulate grammie on finally getting the word that Buddah IS here. I first read it in her blog, then later I checked the only used for blog email and she had also emailed to tell me about Owen having arrived. You can enjoy the excitement of her grandson linked on my side bar or here My Grandson is born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . You would never know she is excited, would ya? Grammie you are in my thoughts.

I checked in on Sally and she had a safe and uneventful trip back to Beaumont TX. She know is dealing with the last trek of her journey to move into her new home in Frisco, a retirement community in TX. She is the most organized person I know. I have a friend running a close second, but not as thorough as Sally. She too has a good blog, I also have it linked. I might also add that her blog was the first and only blog I had read when I started this stuff myself. My Thoughts is another place you just might wanna check out.

As is becoming a nightly occurance around my house, I am still having problems getting to sleep at night. Don't make no difference if I get up with the chickens or sleep in til 8:00, I just ain't gonna go to sleep. I ease outta the bed and once again I am on my thinking stool and btw I have lost enough weight that the stool does not feel good to my tailbone again! Last night I had decided earlier in the day that I was going to watch a 911 special, On Native Soil which aired on Court TV at 9:00 and it was of course going to have stuff that had never been told before. :) So I prepared Jerrell to know that he might as well not wanna watch wrasslin last night or any other of his oft' times nigh of nothing that he does watch. I do let him control the remote only when he is home of course.

Welp I watched an hour of the program which I assumed to last two hours. At any rate, it was 10 pm when we all three hit the sack. Roxy of course was already in one of her three beds, BUT at the click of the remote, she is out like a bullet to go get in da big bed! For some reason she hasta be right up against me so I have learned to put my pillow in the middle of the bed so I can have an
escape route when I want to turn over. Last night it was cool even without the air conditioning coming on, so cool in fact that I needed to pull up some cover so I pull and Roxy is interferring as she is laying on my covers. I pulled and she came along with the covers. I go to pick her up and move'r and she is limp as a baby. So I just gave a gentle Moobear shove and she didn't miss a zzzzzz. I ain't never seen a dog that didn't wake up or jump or twitch when you touch them in their sleep, but I can rub little Roxy and pat her during the night and it makes her no difference. She continues to sleep. I guess just cause she can and I can't I shouldn't begrudge it, but I kinda do.

Of course all I had on my mind was that dad blame 911 program and wondering now just who is the Allah that makes these folks want to do such things to us and why do they wanna go to the extreme of killing themselves in the mix?I thought about it til I got on my own nerve and finally gave up and went to bed.
I told Jerrell this morning that I shouldn't be sitting on my stool trying to solve the worlds's problem and thought that Bush outta hafta sit on my stool just one night!

On arising it was still on my mind. I needed to know who Allah was and found out he is God to Islams and other ams and isims.. BUT 'tho they consider him God, not as a Trinity as our GOD is. Only Allah God. ok, half way there; I proceeded to find out why when it plainly states that 'tho they use the excuse of suicide as being said in the Koran, it ain't in the Koran. Nor is there 70 or 71 virgins awaitin their arrival. This tid bit here splains enough to satisfy all further desires I hope to never have of wanting to know anymore.

"But a genetically suicidal Islamic male can enacthis suicide as martyrdom for Islam and thusascend to the Paradise of super-earthly wealthand other super-earthly splendors, and first andforemost, of beautiful virgins to be deflowered inan eternal bridal night.
But owing to the inability of the Islamicpoor to have a wife, the sexually starving section of the Moslem population have sexual-hungervisions close to maniacal mental states."

Having read that, I saw that they chose their maniacal mental states to allow them to kill themselves for Allah for of all things, a woman, but better yet, they were told it was to be a new virgin every night. As many of the 911 hijackers were quite educated, they were educated in the all the wrong courses. I know now why I dunno want to know no more. I was working at the time this happened and only heard the news on a radio. I am now thankful I was not home and certainly not sick in body as now for I am not sure I could have handled it. I will not forget that tragic day but I will use my time to pray for those affected and pray we never have to endure the rath of those maniacal mental stated folks again.

Off to puddle jump and make my dog happy....Until....

God Bless!


Teresa said...

Like you, I did a little research on Allah a fews years ago. Most folks don't realize that the Allah god is not the same as our Heavenly Father. I've come to hate made up gods.

Moobear said...

You got that right teresa, although I KNEW that going in, I just wanted to know what Allah meant to them. They are so lost.
Thank our God, that with the aid of the Bible and thru his love and grace, we are assured of a an eternal life in a far better life than we like to think we have here. Thanks so much for your comment teresa. Take care friend.

God Bless!

Gattina said...

Do you know that at the very beginning all three christians, muslims and jews had the same bible ? It all started when Jesus where born and split the people into two : Jesus believers (christians) and Jews believers only in God. 600 years later came Mohamed and did another split. Now there are three. But everything what is written after the first testament is based on men. For the Christians, Jesus desciples wrote down what to do or not to do and for the muslims it was Mohamed and his pals so finally if there had been no Jesus and no Mohamed, we all would be still Jews !
I always try to be objective and never judge on one single case crazy people are everywhere. If you and me would have a muslim family as neighbours they could be adorable or bad as all humans. I have worked for 6 years with two morrocanian girls they are so nice and helpful and we are still big friends and they think exactly the same about these crazy terrorists doing everything in the name of Allah. Most of the muslims agree to that and are ashamed. It's only a bunch of mads who do that. But this bunch is more than enough !
Gee Claudia what happened to me so early in the morning ? lol !

That Cleaning Lady said...

Well, there are women suicide bombers too, Claudia...
I did a report in college about female suicide bombers, and most were well educated. They believed they are doing the right thing for their religion, although I have read in the Koran and found nothing that says thou shalt kill yourselves and all the infadels you can find... sad, just sad.
About your inablity to sleep: try this: Drink a huge (over 8oz) of water and put a pinch of sea salt on your tongue before you go to bed, according to my study (and personal practice) this will help you go right to sleep.

Grammie said...

Good morning, Claudia....I am finally stepping out of my "new baby haze" and back to reading my favorite blogs.
Intersting thoughts from you and the ladies about differing interpretations in religion. I have some definite feelings about all of this...but this will be a discussion for a another time. Bottom line is that there are good people everywhere who outnumber the bad....but, the evil ones seem to get the most attention.
Your sharing my excitement (!!) over "Buddha's arrival" has been heartwarming to me. Thank you so much. With love, Grammie

Moobear said...

About all I know was in that one post. I really don't want to know any more than I hafta on bad and evil. Appreciate all ya'lls input.
Grammie I am just that way, I get happy with happy folks, sad with sad folks and laugh with laughing folks so I could feel your excitement with the final weeks in progress and I began to feel it right along with you and with all honesty, I was thrilled when Buddha finally got here! Thank you grammie for all your kindness to me. Love to you all.

God Bless!