Friday, September 08, 2006

my morning, my new friend and the grocery store...

As is with all of us, we have friends and as all of us do, some we just like better or at least in a different light than others, but still they be friends. I am thankful for my friends, don't get me wrong, but I don't like one that tries to force themselves on me. Lately I have this shadow like friend that appears whether the sun is shining or in the midst of night. Since she has become a regular I figured I just as well name her cause lots of my friends have nicknames that I gavem. I call this a friend only because we spend so much time together.
And because of her I feel I am justified in saying that she is becoming the most annoying friend who has by now just flat out worn her welcome out. I no longer want her in my house or on or near me no more. Her name as of today is officially Angie. I named her that, short for Angina.

Now I like to sleep a little in -in the mornings, well like til maybe 8 a.m. Well about 7:10 Angie shows up and I tried ignoring her and she wouldn't leave, so me and Angie hit the floor and headed for the coffee pot.
I was mad, I was determined I was not gonna give her the fix she seems to like. I won that time. BUT at about 8 a.m. Angie struck with a vengence and I gladly and hurriedly gave her the little nitroglycerin and I was so thankful that she liked it and went away. Now an angina attack leaves you weak as water and I forget which it is that I ain't gettin enuf of, either blood or oxygen, but have forgotten. At any rate, with little pill under tongue and me reclining in recliner and praying, my pain eased off. After the headache eased off that the little pills give ya, I thought I gotta go on to the grocery store today!

Since Anita had gotten me up so early, I thought I would go early; first cause they won't be many folks there that early and I would be amongst friends and benches should Angie appear. So after dressing I strut my proud getting much smaller posterior( woooohoooo) to the SUV and head out.

As I go in I see Erica, the head cashier and speak and then she pages Shawn, the worthless bagboy that he is and I head towards the onions as I run flat out and then proceeded on my merry way for my gotta have now in my life, Hot Pocket's Pepperoni pizzas. On my way I met Shawn , the worthless bagboy that he is just a gettin it and since he knows me from my "every chance I get" times of telling him to please quit smoking while he is young and the consequences of smoking and your health. He is really a precious, sweet, always grinning little feller. He was just a grinnin and I told him, "She is mad, really mad" and I headed on down to the aisle to my Hot Pockets.

Of course I made it a quickie today hoping to outrun Angie and not hafta make no scene in the grocery store of all places. I grabbed here and there and finished fast and headed for the always only one lane open cept for the Express lane. With luck still on my side, there is that precious Erica running the register. She rings me up, bags me up and I puttem in the buggy as that worthless bag boy is no where in sight. I told Erica I thought Shawn was a dodging me and she assured me not, that most likely he was a smoking and he didn't like working up front no how. I did grab an empty buggy that some dumb dumb left parked right in the middle of me getting out. With my buggy in tow and dumb dumb's buggy I parked where it shoulda been parked by a prior dumb dumb grocery shopper. I push to my SUV in the handicapped spot that I now call mine at that store, unloaded the bags, got in the car, turned on my gospel cd and my a/c and just sat there for a bit til I got my wits and head back home.

I was greeted as usual by Roxy acting like I had been gone forever. I just know dogs can't know time as we do. After unloading again, I was pretty much whupped to say the least.

I got lots I wanna do today, like make some potato salad that I didn't have no onions to put in, but now I do. So I will depart with you good folks, but I do remember that I have friends in this little box too...

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

SO glad you're feeling somewhat better. Hang in there, and tell Angie you are evicting her! Glad you were able to blog today, I always enjoy your trips to the grocery store. My grocery shopping is never as much fun as yours.
Paulette TN said...

Claudia, it's so funny. I can't for the life of me figure how you and my husband met the same friend. She comes to visit him every night....sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. She always creeps in when the least expected. I don't like her at all, and I have tried to run her off many times. She just refuses to give up. My husband has become quite accustomed to her.. thanks to the little pill he puts under his tongue when he sees her coming.
I'm sure glad she left you alone long enough this morning for you to get your grocery shopping done. Now if you can get your potato salad made and feel like eating it....I will be so happy!!!!Stay Well My Friend!!!!

Happymama said...

I hope you consider me one of those boxy friends, Moobear, because I consider you one. :)

My trips to the grocery store are never this interesting either, but yesterday, well, it was. I'll tell you about someday. If I tell you about it now it will only ruin your image of me. LOL hehehe

Thank you for the get well wishes. except for a little headache I'm feeling much better.


Gattina said...

Thought that you wouldn't feel well because there were nothing to read in your blog yesterday morning with my coffee and cigarette ! Happy that you apparently feel better. Yes, some friends are like bumerangs as farer you throw them away as quicker they are coming back, and they are like glue on your fingers hard to get rid of them !

Gattina said...

PS I forgot to tell you that I also have a story about a friend in my writer cramps !

Moobear said...

thank ya'll for the comments. clara I worried about your husband, he ought not to hafta take that many nitros. How bout asking him, where he hurts and how come we havem,you got my email addy.Thanks hon

paulette, I am alive and awaiting your call. Was walking Roxy when you called earlier.

happymama, yeppers you are in my box, ranked high amongst my boxed friends I might add. I get so much good stuff from your blogs. Also from Peggy and Marci's too. I know you gotta a name and I know I run across it somewhere, but yes I have forgotten it. Sowwy...

Ok Ingrid, my advice would be to not accept no more going outs with that friend. I think we could have some fun if we could spend a day on the town. Woohaa Nellie!

Going to eat P, will call ya in a bit.

God Bless!

That Cleaning Lady said...

I'm going to re-iterate my advice to both you Claudia's... DRINK MORE WATER!!
Angie wouldn't be near as happy to visit well hydrated people. Your hearts are dehydrated and if you were to drink more water, Angie would just be a floater and not a visiter.
Besides, those dogonne nitro pills cause headaches and can be very serious to your health!
I'd betcha a muffin each that if you'd get with your doctor and discuss increased water intake (I'm up to 1/2 my body weight in water in ounces every day) plus a good dose of sea salt... you'll find that Angie visits less and less until she and the nytro's are a distant yet unpleasant memory...
Any doctor who won't tell you that Angie is a dehydration signal should be replaced!!!
Any readers (and Moobear, I suggest the audio tapes since you don't like to read) can get Dr. Batmangelidge's book "You Aren't Sick, You're Thirsty" from a book store or from Amazon.Com.
Find out just how hard on your body dehydration is---from high blood pressure to angina to just about any dis-ease you can name.
I push water and sea salt because I KNOW how much my health has improved.
Oh, and tell worthless boxboy that his acne would clear up and he'd be way more able to STOP SMOKING (Ingrid...) if he'd drink water.

Moobear said...

Well howdy there Jana, good to see you back as well. I gotta tell ya I keep a bottle of water with me at ALL times, even when my SUV moves, it has water in it. I venture to say I have drunk more water in the last four years than I have ever in my life. If I drink much more, I am gonna hafta attach a tap.
So, it ain't fer the lack of water hon. It is just cause it is sumpin some bad and even some good folks just happen to have. Hope you are doing well. Have missed you as well.

God Bless!