Friday, September 22, 2006

except for a boo boo, this would be My Day...

I played hookey yesterday. I know Dell is so sad. He was totally neglected yesterday, tho never abused. But Moo thinks a dozen red roses sent to me would have been real nice yesterday, cause I shore felt I like was close to pushing up daises, although we all will one day. I accidently started this blog and had to come up with a really good title fast as I was on a lucky roll as far as getting started up accidently is not easy. I thought I had named it My Day but after production was finished I had not. If I can figure out how to change it, I just might one day as all my writing are usually about my day of life, usually in the confines of my OWN home.

As in a journal or diary we kept as younguns, you could cram it full of stuffssss; course back then, it was full of many secrets, but as did many of yours, mine had a little key and only I had access to its content. Oh what a ride, even back then. Also since I have GAD and also STML I can handle only one day at a time for more than just those two reasons . Remember too, I am now living the simple life and it just keeps getting better. Jerrell cannot like me getting rid of everything and is worried I will have nothing on his first ever made lovely bench that he made many years ago and many others that he so freely gave away to whoever seemed to like one. He is handy with wood and loves to mess with it, smell it and even breathe that gosh awful dust. From quilt racks, of which we still have oodles of, that are slick and finally shined with whatever he makes shine out of, to shadow boxes of the 80's, which we still have some of as well. He is afraid of a bare bench with no do- dads won't look nice in our house, so I assured him I would leave something on the bench. Like just maybe a very old photo of me left there will make him once again the happy camper and unfretted husband I am accustomed to. I try hard to keep him happy since I have kinda took a liking to him in these 39 years of marriage. He is a good friend, wise decision maker- who comes in real handy as you folks know I do not like to make decisions, no , not at all. He often even helps with the female decisions, like "it's your hair, do with it what you want to and quit worrying about it" Well... You know- real helpful stuff like that.

This is now several hours later and I found where there is a will, there is a way. Not wanting to, but I did go to the grocery store and managed to get all I thought I had to have and when I drive in the drive way of my OWN home and there stands Jerrell with Roxy. There again is that luck that I have and often tell you folks about. Now believe it or not, but I had a sneeking suspicion he would get off early today, but apparently not keen enough to wait a bit longer so he coulda went with me to that grocery store that I do hate with the most purplish of passion. Although handy he was in bringing them groceries in the house and helping me to put them up, then fixing us some lunch. I left the dishes as I got another feeling that if he sees them there in the sink long enough, he will wash them. That is my kinda thinking, positive as it is and all!

Welp, gonna be a short one, got things to do , husband to see and a dog to pet. Have a great at you later...until...

God Bless!

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That Cleaning Lady said...

Getting rid of things? Moving up your doctor appointment? Something you're leaving out of your blog, Claudia?
You reminded me of a few months before my mother passed away (which will be 6 years in January), anyway, when my brother passed, he left an afghan unfinished, and I'd just never gotten the time or inspiration to finish it. A simple ripple pattern with varagated yarn in purple and red shades, very pretty. Anyway, a few months before mom was to leave us, I started "hearing" Rick tell me to get that afghan done and give it to mom-- and do it soon. I dreamed about him yammering at me to get it finished, and hurry up! So, ok, I finally picked it up and yarned in the last 5 skeins, and gave it to her for Christmas -- my last gift to her. I told her Rick had been after me to finish it, and we both cried. My dad, sweet guy that he was, walked in and found us two boobs crying over a blanket, and asked what we were crying about, and huffed out of the room! Who'd have known then that he'd be gone only a couple years later?
I wonder if you aren't feeling the need to finish things? Maybe you should give your doctor a try, and of course listen to Dr. Jana and drink water!! =-). Your friend from the Northwest.. Jana