Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the crossroads of me little mind this morning...

Life is and can be wonderful, but one has to want it that way. Lately I have been hurt by some reactions of a few, hurt- knowing that some folks just do not know how to love and enjoy life, but far more--appreciate life for just what it is. No one should ever tell a lie upon another, so I began wondering why does that happen? In my case, when the truth is good, the only way to retaliate in their minds is to lie. A lie will suffice when the truth is only good. In reality they are only hurting themselves so very, very much. The hurting is to me is for those type people, they must be lonely, have nothing in life worth their time and choose to meddle into things of negative materials and of no benefit to them or anyone else really. They cast their stones towards me and I am not swift of foot no more, nor is my heart void of caring and forgiving anymore. Therefore, I think, do they not have perhaps a dog like I have little Roxy, or a Jerrell in their life to sit at the bar with for a good supper and laugh and talk at the events of the day and a will to chose to enjoy the sorrows of the many medical problems that I or they have. I have too much to take care of in my life, I just will not stop my happy life to dodge a stone. I feel sorry for them, I wish they could enjoy even the pain I have each day I open my eyes to the great big day that God gave me. I don't want them to limp in my shoes or pray for any pain to stop in their lives. I choose to thank God for all I have to endure otherwise I just might not be happy with my life, pain, deformities and all, if I was like them. I also have peace within my heart toward all folks and I only dislike many folks ways, but not my place to judge them unfairly. I only know them from the fruits they bear or from the stones they throw.
I am happy, my goal is to continue with the grace of God to be all I can be for the good of what life I may have left. I chose happiness. I hurt only for those that cannot or will not let go and enjoy the little things of life and learn that love is much more fun than hate. I cannot like that word. Much, much too strong even for the vilest among us.

LOL teresa, if I can fetch it outta my memory bank, I will post the lost post. But first an update on Noname, the Boston Terrier lost and found by my neighbor Harriet. I was re reading the local newspaper late last evening and the phone rang. I answered it and it was Harriet and she proceeded to tell me that Noname, while she had run to the store, had gotten tangled up in her many flower pots again and she was not there to rescue him, so he overpowered all, even his collar and the lost dog is lost again. By know, here it had began raining with light thundering and lightning. I told Jerrell as I was on the phone to get his shoes on and hurry outside that Noname was gone. We ended on the phone and I proceeded outside in my jammers and umbrella walking the nearby area, as did Jerrell and Harriet. I told Harriet to get in my SUV and we would search this side of the Highway and Jerrell the other. So here we go, me in my jammies and Harriet visibly upset and doom on her face and sadness in her heart. We did our best, as did Jerrell. Noname was no where to be found.

I was on my thinking stool again last night and by now I do have a cushion, I heard a deep barking from over Harriet's way. It was a deep bark, so not of those awful little yakers that she has. I could not go outside and look cause I would awake little Roxy and then I just might be up all night, stead of half the night. The dog barked for a good 5 minutes and then it stopped. I of course only had good thoughts of just perhaps Noname was back and Harriet had rehooked him in his now familiar basement. But no, this morning there is Noname. Only hope is that he does not get run over and does find a safe, loving haven somewhere as he did with Harriet and Charlie. Always hope for the best is the way I look at it.

I was going to post on the many, many differences the content of different blogs have. Some of them are so interesting to read. Many like mine, just of their everyday effort with life. Some though are down right depressing. Some with severe disorders mentally, as I unlearned as I am, put them in the classification of being in left field. Yet, some can write almost poetic post sorta like Malinda Duckett who recenlty died and her son still missing. She was by nature a gifted writer and from a site that had aquired some of her writings I was amazed at the talent and potential of this young lady. This is only but a tip of the iceburg as to all I really wanted to get into, but I have spent much too much of you good folks time for one day, therefore I will shut my big mouth and leave you with this. I have found regardless of what folks circumstances of life shall bring, I cling to the firm belief that " if God brings it to me, God will help me through it" ! With that I say...

God Bless!


Teresa said...

I think people tell lies and bad things about others because it makes them feel better. In some way, some people feel superior if they think certain other people are going through a bad time. I agree about the blogs...many interesting, talented people are writing blogs these days. I started out reading political and anti-terrorism blogs, but they became too scary and overpowering because I spend too much time already thinking about terrorism and war and how these things can ruin the futures of my children. Now, I prefer to read about the everyday efforts of people that I feel I would like to know in person.

HannahV said...
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Happymama said...

This was a good post, but I especially liked the quote in the first paragraph. Was that yours??


That Cleaning Lady said...

I hope Noname makes it back to Harriet's house - sounds like he had a good home there, and loving people.
Some people don't have the good sense that God gave a dog though. Can't tell when to shut up, hunker down, and enjoy the gifts that we are given. I try to pray for those that harm with intent... because Jesus said it's not the well that need the physician, but the sick (referring to those that need to find Jesus, not those that have already found Him)... but sometimes I just pray for myself (selfishly) that I won't say those things that want to burst out like arrows (or stones).
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
You are so very right that we are given a trust from God, not a gift, because Lord knows this life is no gift sometimes. However, we are given gifts, like the soft fur of a loving pet, the quiet breath of a sleeping child, the sigh of a tree in the woods, the ripple of a pond.
I try to have some gratitude for the aches and pains and heartaches, but sometimes I'm angry that I'm here, when I want so much to be with Jesus and friends and family gone before me.

Moobear said...

hi happymama and cleaninglady. No, ain't gifted Kristi,is it yours?? I see,I saved; it is so true and it fit the muddle of my mind and my post at the time. I only suffer the misery of the itty bitty things that I say. I am not a writer, no, no, not at all.
Jana,thanks for the concern for Noname, it's little things like that I worry about. You have much meaning in your comments. Thanks friend. I like friends.

God Bless!

Moobear said...

Hi teresa,
I agree with you. It is sad for folks like that. For myself, I like the everyday life of other folks and the things they are doing or what tricks their trigger that day. Or perhaps a thought they wanna share or just a need to get something off their chest. I like real stories of real life. That is why I could never read fiction. It is like a lot of blogs, mine included, a huge waste of time. Thanks teresa for coming to see me.

God Bless!

Gattina said...

These people usually spit their poison to everybody because they are jalous, bitter,and have low self esteem. They are like snakes hissing to everybody and everything for self-defence. Only mean is, ignore those people and pitty them ! They are more then unhappy and only see the negatif and black side of the world.

Poor noname hope he went back to where he came from.

Yesterday sitting in the travel agency I heard : No milk today !!
and I thought of you.

larryHARRIET said...
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larryHARRIET said...
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Moobear said...

Thanks Ingrid for thinking of me yesterday. How bout today a praying for me. Ain't nothing going good as I speak. Thanks and love ya friend!

God Bless!