Thursday, May 24, 2007

always thankful...& my three girls...

Although some days are not so good, I am so thankful to be here. God is good.
( Notice this picture is not centered, but I have an excuse, I am just learning :P~ )

Yesterday was a great day as I mentioned that Steph and Caroline came for a visit and that always makes for a good day. She called while on the road and here I sat in my jammies so I hurried and dressed and it wasn't long before they were here. In just a couple weeks time I can see Caroline growing and saying more words and always so happy. Roxy loves Caroline's visits and we were sitting outside, so of course Roxy just had to be out there with us.

Roxy has to be on a lead because if she should see a kitty, squirrel or dog, she will shoot like a bullet to it never knowing not to cross the road. Yesterday was the first day that Caroline really wanted to hold the lead and walk Roxy around. Of course she doesn't have to walk far as Roxy cannot let Caroline out of her sight and sticks pretty much with her buddy.
They are so cute together. They exchanged kisses a few times, but they are getting over kissing constantly, thank goodness. :)

In her talk, Caroline can say Grandma Claudia, it just does not sound like it yet, but as time goes on, she will say it well. There are so many words I can understand. She is saying a lot of words for 16 months!

Stephanie thinks like my oldest son that I need to see another doctor. Steph offered to drive me to Charlotte if I wanted to go to one there. I could not ask for a better or sweeter former daughter- in- law than Steph. We have a special bond that I feel we will have the rest of my life. Love conquers all and there is lots of love to be given for those with loving hearts. Thanks Steph for being all you are to me.

Also, many of my pictures did finally get removed, I have replaced many if not all of the missing ones. They may or may not be the ones that were there initially, but these will suffice.

Hope all you good folks have a good day and I want to welcome back my friend from when I first started blogging. Mickey has a new blog now and I am so glad to see her back to blogging. Also, I am so glad to meet a new reader of mine from London, GB. It is nice to have Barbara visiting and you folks should check out both of their blogs as they are outstanding. Barbara shared a recipe that sounds so good that I want to try it. I appreciate both Mickey and Barbara for visiting and commenting.

I got a late start today, have been trying to get some things cooked early for our supper because I have to go get my hair done today. So I will make this one short.

God Bless!


Barbara said...

hi! Claudia

Thanks for visiting. Your photo is fine I think. More artistic to not be centered. Sweet daughter and grand daughter. Is the doctors appointment serious? I hope not.

Barbara said...

I have been reading through some of your archives and will read more as time goes on. Getting a feel about your life. Knowing NC a little I can also almost picture some.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Barbara ... I hope your drs visit isn't serious. Please let us know how it goes.

Your girls are lovely! And the baby is also totally and absolutely adorable! They are so precious, especially at that age!


I agree about seeing a new doctor. I think that may be a good idea. I am glad you had such a good day with Steph and Caroline. See you later. connie from Texas

Happymama said...

That remark about Roxy and Caroline sharing kisses cracked me up. Kids! No concept, huh?

If Steph is willing to take you to see another doctor, you should go. A second opinion never hurts.



Betty said...

Claudia, You do have 3 beautiful girls.....and I do agree that Barbara's blog is certainly worth checking out...I haven't been to Mickey's yet but I'm on my way.

Thanks for coming by and commenting on the 'Elizabeth' dishes...Go for a second opinion.....Betty

Ordinary Janet said...

That girl is certainly getting bigger every time you post a photo! I hope that Roxy never takes off after a squirrel while Caroline's holding the leash. You really ought to take Steph's offer and visit another doctor if you're still not feeling well. I'm glad you have someone like Steph!