Saturday, May 19, 2007

a blogging bit...

I do not like Picasa, if you remove a picture, it removes it from your blog. I do not like that. I thought I had it saved somewhere else but didn't , so therefore something else. :)

Since my one year of blogging is rapidly approaching; yesterday I read about why folks blog and things folks post about. One of the first things that I read was to never post about blogging. Duh! Welp there was an instant idea for something for me to blog about. I found too that it is not always wise to click next post too many times. You will without a doubt run across a blog that should not have been written and certainly not to my kinda liking as far as its content is concerned. Also the content flag is always missing.

I also read that you should never blog about your kids or your cats. This was at an 'advice on blogging site'. Well -what if all you have is one little kitty cat and 14 children? Should you post about maybe wishing you had just gotten a dog instead? Oh it whirls my mind to see the different sorts of writings and the people behind them. Some blogs are blog worthy of course, but I was shocked to read that right now there are 81 million blogs and thousands being added by the day. Also reflected that many of them are of course rated quite abit out of my comfort zone. Also there are many policitical and rant blogs of which does not interest me in the least.

One of the most intersting thing I did was to follow some of the blogging memes created by Uisce ; they are called Worthless Wednesdays and Thougthless Thursdays, etc. I read enough of these type blogs to see why it is so popular. It is a simple way of not having to think of something to post on that day. No thinking involved totally impressed me, but it still did not lure me into that way of blogging. It is fine for those for which it tricks their triggers, but there is absolutely no substance in them. Therefore, I am glad I do not have my regulars that choose to do these whatever they ares! I guess I could be called a selective blog reader as I am drawn to the down home, Christian, family type blogs as mine falls sorta into those catagories.

I gotta call from an old high school friend yesterday just insisting that I go to our 45th class reunion. Now that is something I have never done or really cared to do. There is not one person that would give a flip flop over seeing me after they figured out who I was. I understand tho that they do have name cards for those that have changed so much they are not easily recognized. On the other hand, I would love to see them. I see most all of the ones I was friends with and have kept up with through the years. I just might take it on out of sheer curosity as to what a class reunion is really like.

Oh , I also read that folks tend to not read long post on a blog, so I will make this one short. :) Have a safe and blessed weekend...

God Bless!

3 comments: TN said...

Hello My Bloggin' Friend. I enjoyed reading about your bloggin' experience. I have a few that I read every day and most of them I leave a comment and then there are some I read just out of curosity and NEVER leave a comment.
I do hope you go to your class reunion. We have had a twenty fifth one, but that has been twenty five years ago. Mercy, where has time gone???? I thought I was still 25 myself....LOL

Gattina said...

Hi Claudia ! It's sunday and a quite blogging day so I enjoy visits to my old friends. I had a lot of worry with my Writer Cramp blog, suddenly there was no sidebar anymore not even the htmls inside the blog. I had to move the whole thing and create a new (old) one. That takes time of course. Yes it will be one year that we both started. I just looked it up when I read the beginning of your post. For me it was exactly on 6th June ! And I didn't know anything, not even what it really was or maent. Now one year later I am quite proud of what I have achieved. For such a computer dummy as me, it's quite a challenge ! I first started with my travel blog and then the cats (although it's not recommended, lol ) and the last one was the one I post now daily ! I have learned a lot ! Not only the personal side but also a lot of technical stuff. My "daughter in law" who finally works as Webdesigner in a big company is quite surprised about my knowledges and the fact I learned it in only one year (alone) and she had 3 years of studies behind !
I fully agree with you I also think that some groups such as Wordless Wednesdays is quite stupid and only fills in when you have nothing to write. But it helped me to make my blog known and that's what I intended. All depends on what is your target. Mine was to know a lot of people and then make a selection who is worthwhile to keep in my favourites and who's not. Some people just have nothing to say and I wonder why they have a blog ! Maybe it's fashion ? Thursday Thirteen is not bad because you can choose a subject whatever you want and write in 13. points. I like this very much it changes a bit. I also like Friday Feast because there again you are free to write what you want and only answer to the mostly very stupid questions. But I like stupid questions to give humorful stupid answers that's also a challenge. These are the once I participate because I like it except the Wordless Wednesday but there you also can make something funny out of it. I have to say that blogging became a very important part in my life. I finally have something to follow up and enjoy. When I go out my camera is always with me, in case there are good subjects and to write about them later. Every thing I do now is "would it be worthwhile to write about it ?" or are these good pictures for my blog ? It's very stimulating. I do things I would never have thought of without blogging like visiting a zoo ! But I needed animal pictures or a parade because the subject for photo hunting was parade. It's very stimulating and really it fulfills me. But I only do what I like to do, there is no pressure at all, otherwise it won't be fun anymore. Of course I still keep my friends from the very beginning in my mind (or should I say in computer language in my favorites) Grammie, Jana, and even Plumpiemousie although it's a long time she hasn't posted. With Jana I am often in contact because of our cat adventures too !
I see you still do not use your camera, what happens to it ?
Are you also so satisfied with your blogging year ?
My son told me that since I have this, I completely changed and am a happy fulfilled woman now, which of course is a big compliment for me. My husband too, is very proud of me . Before my life was kind of boring. Shopping, go out with "frieds" to talk about fashion and other stupid things, drinking a lot of wine and just being bored to death. I have nothing to do in my household and anyway I don't like it. Garden either ! Cooking, pfft ! So what's left besides reading books ? Going out everyday or shopping costs a lot of money in long terms. Fortunately I have no health problems so I am full of energy. Now it's just the life I like and at the end of the months I will do a round trip to Turkey again, this time the other part and that will be great. In July I will spent again one week in England, then visit my son in Amsterdam and in November to Spain ! Life is just beautiful and in a way mostly thanks to blogging !
I am the only one probably in whole Waterloo, it's not yet so used in Europe and not at all by women of my age, lol !
Geez, that's a whole post, lol ! you can't tell me that I forgot about you !!
PS a lot of bloggers also earn quite good money withouth moving their a.. from home. Maybe I will come to that too ? Got already an offer from Google. Just by putting some discret advertisings on my blogs. I will see.

Happymama said...

MooBear, as usual, you crack me up. If we shouldn't blog about our cats and children, I suppose I'll have to shut my blog down....YEAH RIGHT! :)

I think you should go to your reunion. You'll have fun and it will be nice to see your former classmates. Go.....GO......GO....and take your camera!