Tuesday, May 29, 2007

monday or tuesday?...

Here is Stephanie and Caroline. Her little cheeks are red, I think she must have been out in the pool earlier. Her bangs are getting too long so she likes to wear bows in her hair. She does not want that hair in her eyes. Yes, she is just my kinda girl. Moobear is the same way.

There is just something with children that they like to wear their mommie's shoes; so Caroline is no exception. It is like, "Look at me, I am a big girl'.

I got these new pictures of Caroline this morning and I wanted to share with you folks. I am glad her hair is getting long enough for a "ponytail". She is also getting a tan as you can see!
I also want to mention that some of my wonderful readers think that Stephanie is my daughter, as has been mentioned in my comments. I love Stephanie like a daughter, but she is my former daughter in law. She and my youngest son were married for six years and after their marriage ended, Stephanie met and married a wonderful man in 2001 and they have this little bundle of love, Caroline. The Lord works in all ways and these families are proof of that.
I have many more pictures, but wanted to post a few. I am sure she was outside a lot over the long holiday weekend. As for us, we did not do anything special. We mostly just rested and Jerrell enjoyed his time off from work. For me, as I tell Jeff, I took off Monday too and since I had to go to the dentist this morning, I also took today off . :)
The first thing they told me when I got there was that no longer do heart patients have to be premedicated for dental procedures. I told Melanie, the dental hygeniest that cleaned my teeth today, that I was still going to take the meds, because I had rather be safe than sorry and they certainly will not hurt me. I had a good report of having no cavities and proceeded on over to Mark to get my impression made for my permanent crown. I will go back next Wednesday to get that put on. We also discussed a partial -which I will get the impression made for after the next visit. I am doing what needs to be done and get that all behind me.
I dunno about all you folks, but here, we are in a drought and in desperate need of some rain. If we do not get some soon, the gardens are not going to be doing well at all and the folks that gives us okra, corn, green beans and crowder peas every year will not have an abundance and of course will not be able to give away as much. I pray soon that we will be getting some rain.
I am still not sleeping much at night so I do feel pretty draggy during the days and today especially since I had Jerrell get me up at 6 a.m. so I would be conscious enough to drive and get to the dentist at 10:00. I made it there and back safely and on time! I did well. But I will stop for today and hope you all have a wonderful day. It is suppose to hit 89 ° here today so the air conditioning feels mighty good. Good day folks.
God Bless!

(Blogger is not letting me do paragraphs, do any of you folks have that problem sometimes? )


Happymama said...

Never had a paragraph problem before. Sorry!

Gotta love Caroline's cheeks. LOL


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics Claudia!

Yes .... I have the paragraph problem too. When it happens I have to go into the html and add the paragraph breaks manually. Pain in the but. I keep meaning to go to the support group and ask why .... perhaps I'll do it tonight, and then again I will probably forget AGAIN.!!