Thursday, May 10, 2007

it wasn't too funny yesterday...

As I finished my post yesterday, I had told you that I was going to go fix me and Roxy some lunch and that is exactly what I did.

I was sitting in my recliner eating and watching the trial on Court TV as I usually do and I had fixed Roxy a little bowl of stew beef that we had left over from supper the night before. I had it all warmed up for her and we was just getting starting good. All was well until about half way through my lunch.

I had not eaten much when I felt something in my mouth and I have to admit I immediately thought of 'Wendy's', then it hit me. Uh oh, I got it out and bless Pat it was a tooth and it was my tooth. I coulda cried right then and there as I was pretty much panicked sitting there holding my tooth in my hand.

Of course I immediately quit eating and actually did not have an appetite for the rest of the day. I jumped up and called the dentist office and it being right at lunch time, I only got the answering machine and told them desperately what had happened and asked that they call me back.

So around 1:20, the phone rang and it was the dentist office and she asked me how long it would take me to get there, I told her as quickly as I could safely get there, I would be there. I went ahead and premedicated as usual and of all times, I had to stop for gas and got on my way on down to Norwood. During the 20 minute or so ride, I had calmed down quite a bit and was wondering if the tooth could be glued back on, as I still had tooth in the gum.
When Mark took a look at it, he said there was no way the tooth could be put back on. So here I sit right now with no tooth and no smile apt to happen today! It just hadda be a front tooth of all places. My eye tooth. And to top it off, Jerrell wanted to take my picture last night to 'put on my blog' cause he thinks all that happens round here ends up on my blog. :)

What choices did I have? Mark said I know you want a tooth there as soon as possible and I said OH YEAH! I ain't really a vain person, but I am not one to hanker a chance of folks making fun of me or laughing at me behind my back.
So, fortunately Mark had a cancellation tomorrow at 2:00 and since it will be a lengthy process, he said he could do it tomorrow, so I only have today to deal with. I am going to get my hair cut today, but them nice folks ain't getting no smiles today.

Another fortunate thing is that the tooth had been root caneled as I was wondering why no heat or cold stuff hurt it. I have had so many I cannot remember which have been root canaled and which ain't. Anyhow tomorrow he will put a post into the bone and put on a temporary crown which will suffice til the permanent crown is ready to be put on. I am still hunting all our piggy banks.

I still think the worst part is I have a new nickname around the house now. Jerrell keeps calling me "Snaggy", like I thought that was funny. Welp to be honest I did! I laughed til I was silly on and off last night, but that won't the case earlier in the day.

So now, all you folks help yourself to a good laugh, cause laughter is good medicine and this happening to me just might make you feel better. I almost hate to say this, but I gotta run and start getting me and Roxy something for lunch. Not likely I will post tomorrow cause I will be in another one of my tithers.
Thanks for coming and putting up with me.

God Bless!


Jana said...

I'm glad you found your whole tooth and not a partial finger in the food! Glad too that you have a quick dentist, sorry though that you have to rob piggy banks. I had a filled molar come apart when I was eating peanuts about a year ago, I only got a small piece of tooth - guess the rest went down with the peanuts! The crown cost me $1,000, and that's the part that hurt! Take care, and you might offer that Jerrell can cook his own food if he continues calling you snaggy!!
What's up with the cat from next door?


Claudia, I did laugh not about the tooth but your telling about it. I felt so bad for you because I know how I would have felt. I think, mor and more that we a much alike. I always tell Jim, If I ever have to have my teeth pulled, I am getting a long back veil. I would be too embarressed for anyone to see me. He has had false teeth since he was 19 so it is funny to him but not to connie from texas I hope all goes well for you and you have no problems.

Grammie said...

Good luck tomorrow, Moo....I hope that all goes well and that you are smiling again real soon...

: )

xoxo TN said...

Oh I'm sorry about your tooth. Tell Jerrell not to call you "snaggy" anymore....that's like calling someone "fatty". LOL You will be smiling again in no time.....I'm sure!


Glad you got your tooth taken care of. I wanted to stop by and give you a very special HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. connie from Texas