Monday, May 21, 2007

company came to town...

This is me and the the two men folks in my life yesterday. And YES I made these pictures posted 'cept for this one. I said I would never have my picture made again and I told my brother that and he got a bit huffy with me, so I sucked up; after all he did drive for 2 hrs. just to see his wonderful sis. :) We just do too much to please our men folks.

This is my sister in law, Michelle, and this picture should have been under the others, but seems like now I remember someone saying they would appear in reverse order than the way you load them. I'm sorry, I just cannot think backwards. :)

(This was suppose to have been the first picture. I think I will get better, but you folks don't hold your breathe!)

My brother and his wife came yesterday and I actually took some decent pictures, or at least I think so. I am going to see if I can get some of them on here. Good luck me! The one above is my brother. He brought his tripod so he could use the timer and get a picture of all of us, but never got the timer set, so no group pic today. He is two years older than me. Can ya tell?

We had a very good visit with them. We went out to eat and Ron called and invited a friend of ours and his wife. His wife had to go out of town to babysit some of the 11 grandkids, but Jim said he would meet us there. We had a nice meal and we did a lot of talking and laughing and remembering our younger years. The three guys had all graduated high school together and Jim and Ron had both attended and graduated from NC State in Raleigh together, so we did not have any loss for words.

I was all keyed up and did not go to bed until 12:30 and about 2:30 I heard the loudest noise and I jumped out of the bed thinking someone was banging on the house as that is exactly what it sounded like. But noooooo, it was Jerrell in the bathroom working on the now broken for 2 months toilet and he had knocked a mirror off. I immedately took a terrible, terrible headache and just could not go back to sleep- so me and Roxy got up and stayed up, so I am running on two hours of sleep and I will admit, I do not feel worth a toot. And a plumber was called and I am waiting for her to call me back to tell me what time her husband will be here. You have heard the old saying, "why put off two months, what you can do today?" That's what I'm talking about!

Roxy was hopping last night for some reason, but today she has slept until just about 15 minutes ago and I took her outside and her leg or foot or whatever was bothering her last night is fine today. She is just a bit draggy like Moo is today. Jerrell will have leftovers tonight, that is my punishment for him delaying getting the toliet fixed. :P~

Welp I am gonna go and I hope these pics will be in the right place after I publish. As we know with Blogger you often get little surprises! I hope you all have a good day. Spose to be in the 80's here today, so warm weather is back and I am glad. Just hope the nights stay cool for a while longer. Our tomato plants are really growing now too! Outta here...

God Bless!

PS -I have these in paragraphs but Blogger surprised me and took them away.

7 comments: TN said...

You are doing great with your camera. I clicked on the picture of you and your two men and it got as big as my screen. You looked even better...bigger. LOL Do you know what you do to make the picture bigger when you click on it? I tried clicking on one of mine and it stayed the same size. You must know something I don't!

Moobear said...

LOL Clara, me of all people would have absolutely no idea. It shows nothing now because I had to install Picasa to set it to not put my pictures there unless I wanted them there. I use My Pictures and they would automatically go there and to My Pictures. Then if I deleted it, it would delete from my blog, so I had to install and change a setting so it won't put them into picasa anymore. It worked fine until I added some to picasa. I finally got an email today as to how to correct it. Still, one may disappear, but I can replace it with one from My Pictures which is what I want to do anyway. WOW what a ride.
As for why they are big, I truly don't know. Especially today with only two hours of sleep last night. Been up since 2:30 this a.m.
Thanks for stopping by, sorry I cannot help you.

Grammie said...

I'm proud of you, Claudia! Great pictures...nice looking family!

My pictures (from Picasa) enlarge when you click on them, too...but, I have no idea how or why that happens! : O

Happymama said...

I'm glad you had a good time with your brother and sister-in-law. It's good that you were able to spend some time with them.


Anonymous said...

Hi ... thought I'd stop by and see you. I've been gone for months now .... but am back and blogging again. Nice to see you still here. So many are gone that I used to visit that finding a favorite in a world of a bunch of new people was nice!

I can't say for sure why the big vs. small thing with Picassa because I don't use it. I never liked Picassa and still use Blogger .... or will switch to PhotoBucket if I have to. Anyhow ... I THINK it has to do with the size of the photo you originally uploaded. IF it is large then the photo that shows when you click on the displayed photo will be large .... or whatever your original size was.

Anyhow .... good to be back ... I have a new blog and you can find me there. I'll be back! Oh ... and now I'm Mickey but was formerly known as Mama Mouse at Mama Mouse's Chatter.

Moobear said...

Mama Mouse, it is so wonderful to have you back!!! And it makes me feel so good that you stopped by. I will definitely come by to see you.You were such a big help to me when I first started blogging and I will always remember that. Thanks!

Thank you Grammie and ~Kristi, I know so little about pictures. I think mama mouse is right though, it depends on the size of the picture that is saved.Also Kristi, I did not take the picture of the moon. Go to and you can see it and also the event happening tonight!
Grammie you are almost down for the count! I know you are getting excited to see Owen!

Barbara said...

First time on your site. Caught my attention as I have spent a lot of time in North Carolina. Come visit me if you have the time in good old England.