Wednesday, May 09, 2007

when is venting ok?...

First of all I must say that I removed the prior post as most of you folks that even know who Nancy Grace is, know that she is gone from Court TV and I could hardly bear to look at the picture. It does amaze me how much better a person can look when on tv where they are pet and pampered with makeup and hair folks to make you look good when in fact, you are not too much to look at all. Then you put a picture of someone who is having to do their own hair and makeup on their own, it is just not a pretty sight, therefore I removed the picture and the article.

I had to take Roxy to the vet yesterday for her shots and since I was there I wanted the doctor to check the cyst on her head. He took a needle type thingy and tried to aspirate it, but it did not totally get rid of the cyst. He told me it was nothing to be worried about and best to just leave it alone unless it began to increase in size, then he would would local anethesia and remove it. In the meantime we would just keep an eye on it. Roxy as usual was a good girl and did not whimper with the three shots or the needle jabbing he did. I am sure it is quite sore today.

I have no idea how many of you folks order from LLBean. I do know that one of my readers does and she and I a couple years back would email and complain about the fact that they used Fed Ex SmartPost. For any of you that are familiar with that way of shipments know exactly what I am complaining about. For the last few years LLBean has been using Fed Ex Home Delivery which is a delight as they are fast and you can expect the shipment to be at your door the day the tracker says it will. What I did not know is that if you order something that happens to be on backorder, which is no fault of ours, when the order is filled, it is then sent to the customer via SmartPost. LLBean notifies you by email when an order has shipped. I had placed an order for some shoes on April 28 and out of the color that I wanted. The color apparently was the most popular as it happened to be on backorder but was due to ship on the 4th of May. Yesterday, the 8th I got an email saying it had shipped and had shipped by SmartPost and with an ETA of May 16. I was irritated so I called customer service and voiced my complaint and I told them that it was not my fault the item was on backorder and why further punish me by sending it via SmartPost. On prior orders they have sit in a post office for as many as 5 days with no movement. In my opinion, this is ridiculous. Fed Ex transports it to the nearest USPS facility and it is snail mail the rest of the way. However, my complaint was noted and I was told that in the event of another backordered item, I should request that it not be shipped by SmartPost. At least I learned that I have an alternative next time. I normally do not get upset over too much, but the horrors of previous purchases and lengthy delivery time just upset me. I was very nice to the lady and she actually agreed with me and told me that I was not the first person to complain over this situation.

Does not sound like much to get in a dither over, but I did and could I have avoided it; probably not or I would have. Takes a lot to get my dander up, but the fact that they admittedly said they did it because it was cheaper for them was exactly what I was thinking. :)

Today I am calmed down and got other things to worry about. I do not fret long, nor do I hold grudges and hold ill will towards a person for too long. However, I may like a person, but do not like their ways. My husband brought up something last night that really concerned me. He is still carrying a grudge and has bitterness over something that happened almost 20 years ago, but will not talk to me about it. It does not involve me. I worried about that alot last night and couldn't go to sleep. I prayed for the situation and would appreciate your prayers that he will let it go as it has affected his life far more than it should. It is water under the bridge and nothing will change it. I am thankful when I cannot carry something or should not, I turn it over to the Lord and let it go. Please keep Jerrell in your prayers over this.

It is time for me to go and fix some lunch. We do not have no sunshine today, but I am thankful to have this day as dreary as it is, cause it is a day of my life for which I am thankful to have.
Hope you all have a good day and enjoy it too!

God Bless!

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