Friday, May 04, 2007

a day made brighter...

Does Caroline look a bit bewildered at what Grandma Claudia is telling her? I like her little dumbfounded look as she is looking at me. That is sorta the way my entire week has been.

The best day I had this week was yesterday when I had a visit with Stephanie and Caroline. Steph had needed a little wood work help from Jerrell. So Jerrell was delighted to be able to help and had her needed piece of work for her bonus room ready, so she and Caroline stopped by to pick it up and visit with me for a while. Words cannot convey the wonderful feeling I have with each visit I have with them. I love them both dearly as all you folks know.

Fortunately, yesterday was the first and only day so far this week that I have not had an angina attack as soon as I get out of the bed. I absolutely do not understand why the timing unless it is the just the sheer exertion of coming from a total relaxed state to the exertion of getting out of the bed, going to the bathroom and heading for the kitchen. I no longer panic when they begin, I just immediately reach for my nitro pills and pray as it is dissolving.

Caroline was asleep when they arrived so Steph and I sat outside and I looked at some picture albums that Steph had brought to show me. She has always been a picture taker and I am so glad she is taking so many of Caroline. I had fiddled with my camera until I had it where I could not take a picture so Steph had to fix it back for me and went ahead and took a picture of Caroline for me. I honestly don't think I will ever get the hang of picture taking. I pick it up so rarely, that when I do, I have already forgotten what button does what and that is what got me in all that mess. LOL, Steph said I needed a disposable one.

Along with the visit Steph had brought me some lasagna and some pineapple cake she had made for dinner the night before as she had a family of 5 over for dinner and had made plenty of lasagna and cake. I finished it off today. She is still a good cook and I have always enjoyed her pineapple cake.

It went from hot to cold overnight here and frankly I am glad. For two nights in a row, I had to stay up with Roxy until it cooled off enough to go to bed, sometime after midnight, cause cold natured hubby just didn't think the heat to me and Roxy justified cutting on the air conditioner quite yet. Suffer unto us!!

I do not normally post at night, but it has been so long I thought I'd sit down here and take the time to say hello to you folks and try my best to try to do better and muster up something to share with you and start using that camera before I completely forget how to use it.
Wanna see our tomato plants? :) Jerrell got them set out this week.

Ok, getting time for some R & R, hope you all have a good night.

God Bless!


Happymama said...

Concerning your angina, maybe if you lay in bed and move around a little before getting up? I don't know....I wish I did know. I'd tell you how to help it. :(


Marci said...

Oh Claudia, I am so sorry about the angina attacks. I will pray that God gives you wisdom on something you can do for them.

I love the look on Caroline's face. She is either bewildered, or you don't smell so nice. =)

Moobear said...

Well first I am laughing at what you said Marci! So cute. Thank you friend for the comment.

And ~Kristi, hon you may be on to something. Maybe I should wiggle and roll around abit and then sit and bounce on the side of the bed a few times...:) Will let ya know how it works. Now if it kills me, it is a short drive from Shelby to Albemarle :P

Thank you two friends for all your prayers and your kindness to me.


Claudia, I am so glad you had a good visit with Steph and Caroline. I sure do wish your angina would not come so often. I know how that feels. I will pray harder. I hope you have a good week. Jim and I went with our church family camping Thursday, Friday but we didn't get to stay Friday night nor sat. because I just had to go home. I hated Jim also had to go also but he wouldn't stay without me. Talk to you later, good friend, connie from Texas

The other me said...

Aww, that baby is just beautiful! I wonder if you take longer to get up the pain might stay way, that must be scary for you.
I hope that when my Sophie is more grown up and has a baby of her own we can be friends, I love to visit with my mum.