Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a follow up...

LUNAR ECLIPSE OF SATURN: Last night, the Moon passed directly in front of Saturn, producing a rare lunar eclipse of the ringed planet visible from Europe, parts of Africa and the Middle East: map. "Such a unique event must be photographed!" says Hanno Falk who sends this picture from his backyard in Flensburg, Germany.

I had a wonderful time this morning! Stephanie and Caroline came by and stayed a few hours with me. I will post on their visit and maybe have a picture later. I am running a bit late today, but wanted to get this up for you folks.

Have a safe and blessed day!

God Bless!



Such a great picture. Caludia, thanks so much for your prayers. The letter was a great help to me today.It answered many questions I have had. You are such a good friend. connie from Texas

Anonymous said...

Wow ... that is quite the picture isn't it? Thanks for sharing!