Tuesday, May 22, 2007

most likely...

I have messed up ALL of my pictures on my blog, but if I can get them back I will and if I can't, then I won't. :) I think maybe that good night's sleep last night caused me to come up with one of my bright ideas.
I did get the pictures back on the post below and I did find that it is much easier to do them that way than trying to do one, write a bit and do another, although the post is scrambled and makes no sense, but I am not up to taking that on this morning.

I have a feeling soon all the pictures will disappear as I accidently deleted all my pictures. I can either go and put them all back in or I could give up and just quit blogging, but I am choosing to not let it bother me. Actually I am more afraid it is annoying to you folks than to me. As in all my life, I have usually had to learn by my mistakes, which is good because it sticks a bit better or it does for me.

Happy Days are here again! We finally got our toliet fixed cause I threatened Jerrell within an inch of his life. NOT. The plumber had gone to school with my sons and was such a likeable fellow. He had this neat little camera that he uses to see where it is blocked and you can look and even see what it is that is blocking.

Of course I keep lotions, creams, hairspray and colgone bottles on the toilet top. Guess you folks do that?? I dunno... Welp of course Jerrell was just sure that I musta knocked one of my little bottles of something into the toilet. When I looked at the screen on that neat plumbing camera, I saw something very familiar, could even see the gold edging I well remembered and I was elated at what it was. He was having a really hard time getting it out though and decided to go one more time through the top. I heard it clunk and we knew it had come unwedged. Had he not gotten it out, a new toliet would have had to be purchased.

Several months back, as a matter of fact as I think about it, around the same time the toilet started acting up, Jerrell had accidently knocked off our porcelain toothbrush holder and broke it in a million pieces. It was special to me, not only because it was so pretty, but was given to us when we got married so was very old too.

Mean me just couldn't hardly wait for Jerrell to get home from work. When he got here, we stood in the kitchen and talked about Ray and what all he had to do and all the fetches I did for him that wore me out.
He then asked what was it. I told him it was sitting in the bathroom on the sick. Awwww he was so casual and calm and just happy we had it fixed. I wonder if it would have gone down that way had it been that little bottle of cologne that my daughter in law gave to me. :)

The main thing is- it is fixed. We are happy and I am glad the toliet did not need replacing.

What an interesting thing to blog on, a broken toliet. See, I told you nutin much goes on around here. I am going right now to give Roxy a bath and then fix us some lunch.

Should all my pictures disappear, just pretend they were never there, but should that happen, I will try to replace them a few at a time. Have a wonderful day my blogging friends!

God Bless!


Marci said...

Hey, if broken toilets is what is happenin' then we want to hear about it. =)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it fixed .... nothing quite like having a messed up toilet!

Don't worry about the pictures .... it isn't a big deal. While everyone LOVES to see them .... what is more important is your words! We can live without the pics ... but not without the words!

You have a nice day too!

Betty said...

I enjoyed reading about your siblings....enjoy them. Four of mine plus my Mother have died from cancer and my only living brother is in remission.

Sorry about your plumbing problems...I have a story about my stove I need to post about....