Wednesday, December 20, 2006

from shorts to sweatpants...

Yeah, OK, I just couldn't resist it and besides it is Christmas time and a time for children. Caroline loves her Christmas tree! To me, it is also time to reflect on family, those here and those already passed on. I am glad I still have my early childhood memories of my mama and learned much from her on how to live on little and struggle and suffer from cancer and still continue to make sure us children had all that we needed, but most of all I remember her love for us.

It is also a jolly time as I do not dwell on sad things too long at a time as it is not good to do. Today is very important to me, as I may not have a tomorrow, so I must make the most of each day and that I truly do try to do.

I really like the blogs that have Christmas pictures of their children or just their trees as this is a special time of the year for everyone. At the same time, I will be glad when it is over and things get back to normal, specially at the stores and even the grocery store. I think they really outdone themselves this year at our local Food Lion. One convenience store did have the prettiest little Christmas bear and I do love bears, always have. When I took a tole painting class years ago, I did a big ole bear and made many other bears if I could get a pattern for it. Well Jerrell would cut them out and I would paint them. I ain't gifty with cutting with no scroll saw or such. Hafta admit, they are just old dust collectors now. But in their heyday I thought they were the stuff!

Yes Gattina, I have gone from wearing shorts yesterday to sweats today. It took a turn for the cold during the night and it ain't none to warm today. Hasn't been long since I walked Roxy down the road and that wind was down right nippy, although I did have a coat on top of my sweatshirt. Also Janet, the slaw was outstanding and was totally different than any slaw that I have ever eaten. I do not know what was used to make it so tangy and spicey, but when I talk to Moe, I will hafta see if she'll give me the *secret* ingredient. :) And yes I am getting behind in my comments as well as my emails. I suppose I am doing more around the house now since thankfully I am feeling some better and trying to take advantage of that while it last.

Let's all remember each other during the holidays as many are traveling, have sickness in the family or not feeling well themselves. I am thankful for all you folks and hope everyone is well for the holidays. Have a wonderful day today.. Until tomorrow...

God Bless!

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