Monday, December 04, 2006


Christmas is fast approaching and we finally know that Kevin and his family will not be able to make the trip home for the holidays this year. We do have a small family, so as with Thanksgiving it will just be the four of us. My brother and his wife may be up sometime near or after Christmas. They too are realizing the hassle of the holidays and trimming back on decorations and entertaining. I think people of age do less than the younger folks.

Kevin and Silvia do have Cythina and having children makes such a difference. Tho Cynthia is perfectly happy just giving her friends gifts, she will have a Christmas. As most children, she has far more during the year than she needs and far more than lots of children have.

I just got back from walking Roxy and cold temps are here for sure today. The days are getting much cooler and the nights are getting cold. Of course it is getting time for such, although winter is not officially here.
Yesterday afternoon, although it was cooler than I thought it was, I got out and walked down to visit my neighbor Pearlie. She was doing fine. She hopes to get the staples out on Thursday and I know that in itself will make her feel so much better. I so much enjoyed the visit. As we were sitting there I was looking out her patio doors and there was a dead looking tree with birdhouses she had hung on them. The birds were coming and eating and there was even a water bowl and the birds would drink. Pearlie's husband said it was a dead cedar tree that they had gotten in another county and they dug a hole, sit the tree in it and put honeysuckle vines on it- which had purple blooms when in bloom this summer. I also learned something. Back in our grandma's day a tree like that was used to hang canning jars on the limbs to sterilize them. How I asked, as I had never heard of such? She said the sunshine shining on them sterilized them. I absolutely found that stunning and thought of the cedar tree we had to have cut down and how much I wish I had known this then and could have kept a portion with branches so I could have hung the many birdhouses that Jerrell has built on them. Have any of you folks ever heard of that?

I think it must have been great to have lived in the older days. I can remember cooking being done on a woodstove and I don't remember ever being cold in the winter or all that hot in the summer with just a window fan or my grandma fanning me with a newspaper. Oh what memories those are. I truly think those were the good ole days and for no other reason this age has well had its benefits.

I had a sensible thought this morning as I was sitting at the bar reading the morning newspaper as I usually do when I first get up. Years ago when I started one of my meds I had these same heart racing and skips and my doctor at that time had me to cut that pill in two and take half in the morning and the other at bedtime. It corrected the problem. Since the angina, I was increased to an extra half of this med at lunch time and I am thinking maybe that extra half med could possibly be the cause of my heart acting up. I am not going to take it at lunch no more and see if it stops. I know it won't stop the angina as the purpose of the increase was to prevent the angina. It is worth a try, as I am having the angina anyways. I will be able to tell by the time I go back to the heart doctor next week.

I gotta fix me and Roxy some lunch now, so I am outta here for the day. I just hope all you folks have a good day. Hope it is pretty and sunny where you are today. But if you happen to have snow, enjoy it! I love it and do hope we get one good snow this year.

God Bless!

2 comments: TN said...

Hi Claudia, yes christmas will be here before we turn around. I like the picture of the candle burning. Today Bill had to go to the Dr. and they decided to do another cath. that will be next Tuesday. The Dr. also gave him a new pill for angina. It is called Ranexa. It's been a year since his last cath and the Dr. wants to see if anything has changed.
We also went to a Christmas party at the Cardio Vascular center where he had his EECP treatments. I knew there was going to be a party, but I didn't know it was today until this morning. You talk about rushing around. We left the Doctors office and went straight to the party and then had to go back to the hospital after the party for him to be pre-admitted for the procedure. I'm glad my heart is still good!!!!
I'm glad Pearlie is improving. She sounds like a lovely person.
I'm glad you are moving your medicine around. Sometimes that works. I know Bill has done that several times.
It's cold here tonight, but I have a warm fire to sit by while I crochet. You stay warm and I'm sure Roxy will find a warm spot. My cat outside is sleeping on a heating pad. She is old, and I try to make her as comfortable as possible.

Ordinary Janet said...

That's good news about Pearlie! Hope you feel better, and the doctor can give you some relief next week.