Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Roxy!!!

I had a wonderful surprise when I got in from an errand yesterday. Stephanie called and was going to stop by with Caroline. It was so warm that we sat outside and Caroline crawled all over the driveway, the porch and got just downright nasty. But Steph says she does that at home, she crawled up under the car one day Steph said. And these pictures just in! Steph says when she gets close to it, she gets ahold of it . Ain't that just like a kid?

Two years ago today this little precious dog of ours came into this world never knowing the love she would bring to some old man and woman! She had to be weaned away from her mother and stay in a temporary home until we got her when she was 9 months old. It has been nothing but joy in having her since I made the drive to Charlotte to pick her up.

I never really knew what we were getting, but I did know once Jerrell saw her that we in deed had a new member in the family. Yep it's true, when you get old, dogs become more than pets in lots of ways. All three of our dogs of course had different personalities and all were loved. As Jerrell says, Roxy loves back the most of any of the other two dogs. She also is more dependent on us and in a dog way she pretty much calls bedtime, calls lunch time and we just follow suit. We did train her to go outside as the young lady that owned her prior to us getting Roxy, had worked and did not have the time or take the time to train her properly. Poop pads don't get it round this house. Roxy knows what pee pee and poop outside means .

I cannot believe what I have done today. First off I had two bundle of collards that I had to wash and look to prepare to cook and I thought I just might need some more- so I ran to Food Lion and picked up another bundle. Hurried home, gottem all looked and washed and my water boiling in my new stock pot and lots of folks don't like to smell collards cooking, but I love it! Brings back memories of my childhood when mama would cook them, cept she liked cracklin cornbread and I always had to pick them little buggers outta my piece of cornbread.

After I got them para boiled, I gotta second wind and swept and mopped the kitchen and the bathroom, washed Roxy's day time bedding and just finished shampooing and drying my hair since I dunning quit going to get it fixed. I will go the week of Christmas and get it cut and it just about wears me out, so I just might start back again. It plum tuckers me out to do that bending and all that standing. I am not spose to go down them basement steps, but I did hold tight to that bannister as I have been known to fall on level ground. In a store, outside, inside, I ain't choosy. I usually have Jerrell bring things up for me or wash Roxy's bedding, but I never know what I might be doing the next day as my days are not all good ones. I go with the flo, today I am thankful I seem to have some energy and better yet a little desire to do something!!!

I gotta fry me out some fatback in just a bit to season the collards with and whup up a cake of cornbread and we shall be eating good tonight! I got my kitchen and bathroom good and clean, so I feel like I did get something constructive done today, which is becoming milestones now a days. OK, gotta run, hope all you folks out there have a wonderful day. So warm here, I am sitting here in shorts and a tee shirt!

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Love the picture....she is so adorable...and the tree is so grand!

Glad that you got a lot accomplished today, Claudia. Now go and relax and enjoy your evening....you deserve it!
: )

Ordinary Janet said...

What an adorable baby! and Happy Birthday to Roxie!

Don't overdo things, now! You don't want to get sick like I did!

Gattina said...

In shorts and T-Shirt ?? That's amazing ! Here it's quite cold and rainy (as always) Our suitcases are packed (Pookie sleeps in one) and tomorrow morning at 7am the plane is leaving. I am so happy to escape this bad weather !
I put a message on my blog and maybe I can get in from there of course only when I can't get to the beach.
Congratulations for Roxy ! Two years already he is with you. Indeed animals do good. Dog or cat or both, I can't immagine my life without my cats !
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year !

Clara....in TN said...

Can I come and eat with you? I love greens and cornbread. I get that from my Mother, I am sure! Happy Birthday to Roxy!

Clara....in TN said...

Caroling looks like a baby doll sitting under the tree.

Clara....in TN said...

I spelled Caroline wrong sorry!!!!
Never heard of Caroling for a name. Kinda pretty tho! LOL