Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i'm gonna be a pushover...

For all of you that have not made the move to Beta Blogger, I can only tell you what I am gonna do. First, I went to Blogger Help (which btw their name needs changing badly too) where I learned only that the new Blogger is no longer called Beta Blogger. After reading and learning absolutely nothing, which is what I expected, I thought I'd just do a Google Alert and see what is going to happen to us do or die holdouts.

The google alert that I got this morning told me that for folks that have gotten an invite can go ahead and make the leap and for those that haven't gotten an invite will at some point in time be pushed over by Blogger and our belongings along with us. Welp, since I have no invite, I kinda like the sound of being pushed! What is better than just sitting here and waiting to be pushed, oh BUT, the alert reminded me that Blogger does not have or know when the deadline is, so therefore I just sit where I am and one day I will find myself over there in the new not Beta Blocker. Sounds like fun to me. Should you folks not find me one day, then you know Blogger pushed me to oblivion which of course will be all Blogger's fault and I just will hafta start all over. Oh well.....

Today is no longer Christams holidays, it is Happy New Years now. What a transition in just a few days, sorta like I dream the Blogger move will be. I halfway feel normal although Jerrell is off work until Tuesday. He is spending the biggest part of today in Charlotte working on our son's leaves. He ain't able to climb no ladder with a bad back, so Jerrell is going over to pull a few trees outta the gutters and maybe blow a few leaves as he took ALL needed equipment with him.

As for me, I am in la la land. Regular tv shows ain't on, cannot handle cartoons and cable news is the same over and over and over so that just gets me all outta sorts and dithered up. So I thought I would take the most important thing in my life and work on it and that is where I found out that little dab of blogging news to pass on to you folks.

Going for a haircut tomorrow and beg my hairdresser to take me back again on Thursday or Wednesday or whatever day she can because I had rather cut back on groceries and get my hair done than have the tangled up mess I have had the last two weeks. And folks don't ever call your husbands to get a tangled up hairbrush outta your hair like I did. They know not pain unless it is them doing the hollering. That is a fact.

Welp I just got back from running an errand and walking Roxy and with the breeze, it is another chilly day here in NC. I see where Jana's neck of the woods is getting a good dumping of snow, so is Colorado, specially Denver. I feel for those stranded in airports, I also feel for folks in airports when it ain't snowing. Sure hope Grammie gets home soon and has a good, safe trip. And Sandy took off to the beach. Lucky gurl!

I am outta here. Gotta get a pot of coffee going and get ready to watch some tv in about 5 hours. Ya'll have a great day and although I still ain't got no camera, I'll still throw a picture here every now and then...

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you could use some company. They could share your pot of coffee and some friendly chit chat. Sure wish I lived close enough. I would come and see you. How are you feeling these days?

Moobear said...

hi Marci,
I do too! We could have coffee and have a nice chat at the same time. Thanks for asking about me. I am feeling much better since I went to the heart doctor and got one med changed and added another. As I told my husband last night, I thank the Lord that it has been 3 weeks since I have had any angina and that is a record. The Lord leads us to the right places and I was listening to his guidance. Thanks for coming by and for everything else you have done for me friend. Hope you and yours are doing well! Take care.

Anonymous said...

I made the move at 6:00 this morning. At least I think I did. Does that mean I'm on the Google account now? If it does, then I've moved because I had to sign in to Google. Everything seemed to move OK with no problems. Everything stayed the same. I was afraid to do it because others had problems with losing their template look and all, but fortunately I had no problems. If you sign out of blogger and then go to sign back in, you'll most likely get the invite. Anyway, I hope you don't just disappear one day!!


Grammie said...

Hi Claudia...Thanks for the welcome back message that you left on my post! It is so good to be home and reading blogs again!!!
...glad to hear that you are doing well.

Moobear said...

I am skeeeeeered within an inch of my life to even clear my cookies!!! I understood that your address changes, but I see yours is the same. Now I is confusilated. But you do have labels at the bottom now, that you didn't before. I will wait til I am having one of those really bad days and sign out! :)
Thanks for the info Kristi and I loved your blog about you and your families Christmas. Boy, mama got lucky, a LAPTOP and I am sorry your dad is sick. Will keep him in my prayers hon.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year:)
I had no choice but to switch over to beta blogger.At first I hated it but then I got used to it..but it makes me sign in on over blog to comment which is a darn nuicance! I cant wait til they get it all fixed and Im like you...terrified they gonna lose everything on my blog!

Moobear said...

Thank you Beverly and I hope you and James have a Happy New Year too! I notice I have to sign into some places to comment. I assume that is because I am still on the old one, but I have to use my google account info rather than my blogger info which I find strange.
Thanks for your visit and nice comment. Keeping you and James in my prayers!

God Bless!

Ordinary Janet said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better and hope you get your hair done! How in the world did you get your brush tangled up in your hair so bad? I've done that when my hair was longer and thought I'd have to cut it out.

If your blog address changes, be sure to let me know! TN said...

Hi Claudia, Good to see your post this morning. I'm still in la la land.... Can't seem to get back in the groove for some reason. I'm sure the day will come soon when I say..."O.K. it's time to get back into the real world".
I dread going to Beta Blogger. Maybe being pushed is for me also!!! Maybe we will be pushed into the same place and we can continue to post to each other....LOL
Hope you are feeling better these days. Is your new medicine working? Bill is about the same. He made it throught the Holidays better than I thought he would.
I will write to you soon!