Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Now I love this barn. Look at it closely for just a few seconds and see what is there...

Oh yeah I am running late today. I had to get up before 6 to be able to get Roxy to get her hair appointment at 9:00; so since I felt a little good, I got some things done around the house. I just picked her up and sure do wish I had a camera cause she shore does look pretty and I would love to have a picture of her.

I made out ok at the doctor yesterday I guess. My blood pressure was up quite a bit and it wasn't from being there, as I am quite used to doctors and never get upcited about nutin no more. Anyhow I didn't see Dr. Beard but saw his right arm instead. She was extra nice and very thorough, wish all doctors were like that. Pretty much the way it stands right now, she showed me a diagram of the blockage in my arteries and the bypasses that had been made. Also one other is 50% blocked, but they do not do stents with that amount of blockage.

After hearing me describe the way I was feeling and how and when the angina occurs, she changed my angina medicine to a different med as well as increased the milligrams per day. Also, she changed one of my blood pressure pills and gave me another which is a combo of cholesterol and blood pressure.
I also have to take that one at night rather than the mornings and two of the angina, one at 8:00 am. and another at 2:00 pm. I can tell from taking what little I have that my heart is beating better and not racing.

As for the fluid, it is from my lung. She insist that my family doctor do lung studies on me, first a chest x-ray and then possibly a ct scan. She said I had a strong heart and the fluid over my lung was not heart failure as only weak hearts have that. I go tomorrow to have a heart monitor put on for 24 hours and go back on Friday to get it removed. She just wants to make sure that my heart ain't outta rymthm.

For the good and happy news, I got the most beautiful handmade Christmas card from England! A fellow blogger friend, Helen sent it to me and it is the prettiest card I have ever gotten in my life. It just lifted my spirits and made me thankful for all these friends that I have made through my short time of blogging. I say thank you Helen and may you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas. Just click on her name above and you too can enjoy her wonderful website.

Let us all remember Clara and Bill today. Bill went for his heart cath yesterday and had so many attacks and such bad ones during the procedure that he had to be hospitalized and is in CICU at the hospital. Clara emailed when she got home and I hope to hear from her today when she gets back home. Please keep Bill and Clara in your thoughts and prayers. We, as a blogging family have come to learn and love our friends and we are quite concerned when one of them or their loved ones are sick. God is so good to us for allowing such wonderful folks to happen up on blogs. I thank and appreciate each one of you all.

I am a tad tuckered right now, but wanted to get something to you good folks, so you all have a good rest of the day and I will catch ya later.

God Bless!


Grammie said...

I hope that your new meds are helpful to you. It sounds like this dr. really listened...I find that female doctors tend to be more in tune with what I am saying. My Internist is a woman and she is great!

I am so glad that you let me know about Clara and Bill. I have been concerned that she has not been blogging..and, now I understand. Please keep me posted on his progress.

Thanks, Claudia. Have a nice evening.

Gattina said...

These are pretty good news for you ! and I am sure the new medication will work. Sometimes it's good to see another doctor and probably she is younger too. Women often understand much better what is going on, that's why all my doctors (as if I had a collection) are women. I always try to get a female doctor when something happens to me.
Our holidays are approaching and Mr. Gattino gets nervous, lol !
I love to participate at these two "games" wordless wednsday and Thursday 13 because you have to be creative to find something each week !

Gattina said...

Hi again,

TT means Thursday Thirteen. Why don't you try ? it's really funny. The only thing is to put the blogroll in your sidebar and write 13 things. Look on tuesdays on my blog. You could even write 13 things about your so beloved beans (which by the way you didn't mention since a long time !) TN said...

Oh, thank You Claudia, You are so sweet. He is home and asleep at the moment. We will see how his night goes.
I'm glad your Dr's visit went well. I pray you will be doing "jumpin jacks" in no time!!!