Friday, December 08, 2006

bird feeder and warmth...

Yep, this is the exact bird feeder that I now have sitting in the sun charging. I saw an ad for a solar bird feeder and I just love to watch the birds in the bird bath in the summer and eat from the the many wooden bird feeders that Jerrell has made. For many years, we had one on a pole in the turn at the sidewalk where I could see the birds when I was sitting at the bar. It has been down for a few years now. So when I saw this bird feeder I thought it would be great -right on the porch by the windchimes and I could sit and watch the birds.

The way the solar feeders works, the sun charges the batteries during the day light and then there are three amber lights that will glow at night. So I am just sitting it in the sun now, will fill it with seed after it has charged and then hang it. I just know I am gonna enjoy this!

I tell ya what, I forget to put wood in the stove. I did a practice run yesterday and did get Woody going real good and as long as there are some red coals that you poke up, you can put some more wood and it will take off.

When Jerrell called to check on me this morning, he told me that he had gotten up at 2:30 and started a fire in Woody, so when he got up all he had to do was add some wood. By the time I got up I could hear it crackling, but I knew if I went right then to add wood, I was already verging on an angina so I had to wait til it was safe, but after I poked them coals a bit and put two pieces of wood in it, it took right off.

It is so easy for me to forget to put more wood in it, maybe I will get better. I got ready to go to the hardware store and boy have they got lots of goodies. Mark said if we ain't got it, we will get it for you and I had to believe him. Even clothes, nice ones too. Anyhow fore I left, I forgot to put any wood in the stove so when I got back there weren't enough coals to start back up after I put more wood in it. I am sure I didn't do it like Jerrell would have, but I got more kindling, some more newspapers and got it back to going real good now.

I did that after walking Roxy and it is so cold out, I had to put the hood on my coat over my head. Some say it got down to 18 last night, others say 20, but tonight they say just might be a record breaker low. We shall see. As with real cold weather and snow, we love to have chili beans so I got all my stuff at the grocery store yesterday and am just before starting to cook them.

I gotta email from Kevin yesterday with his iteniary and he is leaving all the snow behind in Cleveland Ohio and flying out today to Orlando Florida for his meeting. I know he will enjoy the warmth of the Florida sun and then freeze to death when he gets back home! He is like Moo in that he likes snow, but Cleveland tends to overdo it in his opinion.

Welp I gotta git and start doing some things. Hope you folks are all warm and safe today.

God Bless!

2 comments: TN said...

That's nice to have a bird feeder with lights. Do the birds actually eat at night or is it just so you can see it at night? Maybe it puts out a little warmth so if a bird does come by for a snack. I've never seen one of those. Bill would like that. He loves to watch the birds. Maybe I will try to find him one. Where did you get it, if I may ask?
Congradulations on keeping Woody going. Maybe you can give my son-in-law lessons. He absoutely does not know how to build a fire. He will put one little piece of paper in the stove and one huge log and expect to have a roaring fire in two minutes. It just won't burn. Now you let me get hold of it and I will run you out of the house in no time flat. I always start with a lot of little kindling wood and a few newpapers rolled up and it has a lot to do as to how you lay the kindling. I don't have a wood stove now, but we always did until we moved to this house. I can still see my Mother building a fire. She always built the fires and kept them going. She was better than my Daddy. I never saw him build a fire but a few times.

It was 12 degrees here last night and is going to be 9 degrees tonight. Now that's cold. I feel sorry for the homless people and the animals that are outside. I am so thankful for my good warm house.

Moobear said...

I am so glad that you are going to get Bill one of the feeders. You both will truly enjoy it. Guess that is mine and Jerrell's Christmas. LOL
Take care friend!