Thursday, December 14, 2006

yep, it is getting closer...

It was a good morning to sleep and that is just what me and Roxy did. But, this was the first morning that Roxy has not gotten up with Jerrell at 5:00. Later in the morning when he called, he was worried that she was sick. Nope, not at all, apparently she and I both were whupped last night as we both went right off to sleep. I think going and getting her haircut yesterday just about did her in and as usual after so long with not enough sleep, even I konk out.

I am hoping to hear today that Bill gets to come home. The email from Clara last night said he was up and walking and if the night went well, he should be able to come home today. She also said she had slept the entire night before as is not the norm with Clara either. Please keep she and Bill in your prayers.

When I got up this morning, it was the thickest and heaviest fog I think I have ever seen. Just a couple hours ago did the fog lift completely and it is now an absolutely beautiful day! I go at 4:00 to have the heart monitor put on and purposely have not asked any questions about it cause I really do not want to know. My best friend P told me that I would be sure glad to get it off, so that was about all I thought I wanted to know about it. She has worn one before and told me about a question that the doctor had asked her about one of its recordings. He asked her "what was you doing at 7:30 a.m.?" lol... she said, "Oh, I was putting on my pantyhose!" I sure gotta good laugh right there. I told P, he may think I have flatlined cept when I walk Roxy. Oh well, we shall see.

Things are beginning to look like Christmas everywhere! Even the groomer had a tree up along with about 8 barking and whining dogs and two little squealing younguns. I do not know how someone works and tends to younguns too. Of course her husband has now become fulltime at the shop, but I guess it beats paying childcare. But then again for what they charge, I hardly think they couldn't go the childcare route. But then that ain't my business, but I shore was glad to get outta there yesterday.

Progress is being made. After the newbies moved in the house next door two weeks ago, there is finally blinds up on two windows. I like an airy house and my doors and curtains open, but I ain't wanting to sleep in no room with no curtains or at least a sheet or something over my windows for two weeks. Oh but-- there has been a wreath, bells and candles in them windows! Just another thing I think about on my thinking stool, just what do make some folks tick?

I did not put my tree up, but did manage to get Jerrell to bring up the wreath from the basement and I got my little gold ribboned and balled little table top tree with that angel on the top and sat it out along with some candles here and there. I got soooo much Christmas stuff that I hope one Christmas to feel like getting it ALL out and see if makes me all cheery and bright!

Hoping a good day for all you folks and got my fingers crossed that Bill will get home today. Enjoy your day wherever you are.

God Bless!

1 comment: TN said...

Thank You Claudia, for thinking of us! He DID get home today, but he is not well at all. He is down to ONE graph that is still working. They say there is nothing more that can be done. We are thinking of Duke. He goes to have an evaluation on the 9th of Jan. to see if he is a candidate for a pace maker and a defibulator. Please keep remembering Bill when you pray.
I know Roxy looked cute with her hair cut. Does she get colder when it is short? Do she have a sweater? Are you going to get a camera for Christmas? I'm just full of questions. We need to see a picture of Roxy!