Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh if I could if...

Yep if I could , I would like, if at all possible, have a heavy layer of snow on the ground when I wake up on Christmas morning. Now that certainly would throw Jerrell into a kilter, but he would surely get over it come dinner time! I have too much kid in me I reckon cause I do love the snow. I well remember when this little town had three huge snows three Wednesdays in a row and the best I remember it was either 1960 or 1961. It was a record breaker for the amount of the snow and the oddity of three consecutive weeks in a row was just unheard of here. I wore myself out taking them boots, coats, boggans and gloves on and off and drying them on the old heater door, puttem back on and out again to meet up with the rest of the Depot Street Gang.

If a good size snow ever came to town, the city always shut off Montgomery Avenue for the whole place to come and sled down the hill on that street. My uncle would always take me out to the old home place in the country and was there ever a hill and dips and hill and dips. Cept one problem, nobody had a sled, so we used an old chicken coup. Oh was that a ride of your life. But the funniest thing I remember which I guess I ought not to have laughed was when my around 250 lb. uncle went down that long, long hill on the chicken coup and got up so much speed he hit dead head into the bank at the bottom of the hill. I reckon he had more momentum going down than us young folks did. Oh he took a good jar, but it tickled me bout as good as anything I had ever seen on that hill as many times as I got to go. This same uncle would always take me riding in the snow as he was like me, we were dare devils and even then lived on the edge. He would gun that ole station wagon and around we would go. Now my aunt never knowed a thing about this as we were not stupid- as she would spoil our fun- just as sure if she had knowed. He'd always ask me if I was ready to go see how the streets were, that was his way of getting us headed out to have some fun. We would also go up to the mall parking lot and slide every which a way and even around and around. Again, those were the good old days.

I was late getting my license. I didn't get mine when I was 16 like most folks cause I knowed I wouldn't get no car to drive so finally after I had been working in Charlotte for a couple years and got tired of riding the city bus to work and the Greyhound bus home on the weekends, when I was 23 this lady at work offered to take me to get my license. I had to take the road test and had never driven her car, a little Rambler, but it was straight drive and I had drove mama's back and forth in the drive way and out on the road back then, so I figured I could handle it. Welp here we are out on a four laner with an island in the middle when we pulled outta the DMV place in Charlotte. Welp the patrolman wanted me to go to the left instead of the easy right, so I ease out and he hollers STOP which I did and he told me I couldn't go through that opening in the island so I began to back up-into oncoming traffic and he hollers STOP again. Welp I knowed I had shot my getting my license that day. He said go back to the station and I did. For reasons unknown to me I got my driving license that day. It happened to be on a Friday and I caught the bus home that evening. Early on Saturday morning me and my uncle go to buy me a car, as I was working then and thought I had lots of money. I bought me a 62 Chevy Impala and I thought I was the stuff, which I was by my standards. :)

It was summer time when I got that car and I drove it to work on Monday and heading home that evening, I wasn't used to them stop lights yet, knowed green meant go, and I was sitting at a red light to make a left turn, welp the light changed and I went and all the horns on all them cars started tooting. As we do now, they had little green arrows to indicate turn only, cept this one was all green and I was not spose to turn left before yielding those cars coming at me. I learned real fast about stop lights as that scared the living daylights outta me.
Welp, it come a big snow that winter, I lived in South Charlotte and worked in North Charlotte and there was hills tween home and work, but you know I got in that car and drove all the way to work in that snow. I still remember it as good as if it was yesterday. Everybody that made it in to work that day was so proud of me and well I was sorta proud too.

So in having said all this of absolutely no value just to say how much I love snow I guess it will count anyways. I am liking the cooler weather overall as it is much easier to breathe in cooler air and also Jerrell is going to teach me after supper tonight how to start a fire in the woodstove and work that damper thing so I can do it while he's at work when it gets real cold. Many, many years ago when he was with the police department and of course I was younger I kept it going, but never did have to start it cause even if he worked the night shift, he would stop and keep the fire going for me and the boys. It just saves so much on fuel oil. He does let it go out at night now and lets the furnace run then, but during the day if he is home and its cold, he keeps a fire going. Back fore I went back on my hot flash pills, ole Woody would absolutely burn me up, specially if I was cooking. I would strip down, just shy of buck naked and sweat like a horse. I often times would take myself outside and sit on the doorstep til I got cooled down, but since I am back on them heavenly harmones the heat don't bother me from ole Woody.

Welp, I gotta go. I just gonna cross my fingers that if I don't get no snow for Christmas, maybe I'll get a good one or two fore the winters over. Hope you folks stay warm today and enjoy your

God Bless!


Clara....in TN said...

Claudia, I love the snow too! I remember one time when I was a child, probably 10 or so, we were out sleigh riding. We lived on a farm and always had cows. I started down this big hill and when I got just about to the bottom....there stood a big cow. I went under her on my sleigh. She didn't even move. That would have scared most cows to death.LOL
And about driving in the snow. I have lost some of my nerve when it comes to driving in the snow, but I can remember when I was working, everybody was afraid to drive in it and I ended up taking them all home. And when my daughter was 13, she had a bicycle wreck and cut her thumb nearly off. (That's another story)...but we had to take her to Charlottesville hospital in Virginia every Monday for six months for skin graphs. One time I left here with her and my Mother-in-law. It was barely snowing. I had to stop halfway there and have chains put on. When I got to the hospital, everybody had gone home. They couldn't believe I had driven from
Bristol. We had to stay all night and it was scary driving back the next day. I couldn't do that now.
My nerves aren't what they used to be....
But anyway, I still like snow....if I can stay on the inside and look out.

Ordinary Janet said...

I'll be sure to send some your way if we get any! A couple years ago we got almost 2 feet of it and then a few inches of ice on top, we couldn't even get to church for the Christmas service. I think it took a month for that all to melt. A couple inches is nice, but nor too much of it and certainly not with ice on top!

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog! You are a wonderful writer and I feel as if I was right there sliding down the hill with you!
You have a great memory and thanks for sharing it.

Gattina said...

I loved snow when I were a child and could go with my friends and play ! That was fun. Then I loved snow when our son was a little boy and I went with him sledging that was even more fun. But now I hate snow it makes me depressed to see everything in black and white and I am happy to escape this year to the Palmtrees and sunshine and celebrating Christmas at the swimming pool !

Grammie said...

I'm hoping for some snow to make its way into the deep South this year!!!

...chances aren't great...but, one can still hope! : )