Saturday, December 09, 2006

oh yes!!...

Well folks I am here to tell you that I am one more happy camper with the purchase of my bird feeder. I tried to keep it in the direct sun yesterday so it would fully charge, but times it would get in the shade fore I could move it, but it needed 8 hours of sun to fully charge the batteries.

It was not totally dark yet yesterday when I happened to look out the window when I was walking through the kitchen and there was three of the brightest little amber lights that lite up the inside of the feeder and even the rim that the little birds sit on. This was maybe 5:30 or so yesterday afternoon.

It has become now an every night occurance of not being able to sleep as was the case last night. I finally went to bed at midnight and the lights were still glowing yet a bit dimmer than before. Today I have it where it will get more direct sun light all day. It was so peaceful to look at it. As I told grammie, it looked like a little biddy UFO as the solar lights are on the rim of the feeder which is UFO shaped. :) After today and getting fully charged, I can just leave it be- hanging on the porch beside my wind chimes and make them little birds happy!

I have already been for a walk with Roxy this morning and it is cold outside, but the cold air felt so good. It is nice to get away from Woody once in a while. We now have a new neighbor in the house beside us. She has been here a week . It has been empty for a good while. I have spoken to this lady on several occasions and of course I have no trouble talking to nobody nowhere, but getting her to talk back is bout like pulling teeth. I dunno if she is as sad as she appears to be, or don't like me. Anyway, we have lived here for 35 years and only 3 different families have lived in that house during that time. All three families were special. We loved them all. Many of my neighbors have been here longer than we have. Some only 10 to 15 years, but we are one big family on this street. We have been blessed with good neighbors.

I gotta few things I gotta do today, but I wanted to check in and wish all of you good folks a good weekend and try to stay warm unless you lucky enough to live where it is warm. Take good care and stay safe...

God Bless!

4 comments: TN said...

Your bird feeder sounds pretty. I can't wait to get one. A funny thing happened this morning. You know I have a cat that sleeps outside in a house on a heating pad. This morning, I went to let him out for the day and his water was frozen solid. He ran to the fish pond and he must have been really thirsty. He fell into the fish pond. I grabbed him and he was wet all over and I wrapped him in a towel and brought him inside. He has been in the house all day. I hope he doesn't make it a habit of falling onto the pond.

That Cleaning Lady said...

I was wondering why a body would want a lit up bird feeder at night since the birds are sleeping, but it must just be for something pretty to look at?? Hoping that Mrs. B is doing better... so sad when the olders start to lose their way in the world. When she moves in are you going to be able to still smoke in the house? Having lost both parents before they reached the age of alzheimers I can only sympathize, but I do have clients that are slipping, and its darn sad, but the good days and good times are so very cherished! Good luck too with Woody, and the new neighbors, maybe she needs a pineapple upside down cake to make her smile and be happy that Jesus gave you to her for a neighbor!!
Meant to ask you about not sleeping at night... do you drink caffeine late? Might be you should think about switching off it early in the day? avoiding naps can help your sleep time too... maybe?
Glad your teeth work is done, bet your smile is as bright as your blog is!

Gattina said...

Your bird feeder would be a very nice Christmas gift for my cats ! I can assure you, they would love it ! and the neighbor cats too ! there are a whole bunch here around. We have very bad weather much to warm for the season ! it should be in the 30 and we have around 55 that has never happened. It rains and it's so stormy that nobody could put out any christmas decoration, it would just fly away. I hope that your doctor can help you it would be about time ! With all the possibilities we have today, there must be something for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed and think of you.
I only decorate my blog, lol ! All the photos you see with Christmas stuff is from last year. R. only bought a little decoration for the table and that's it because we are leaving on Dec 21. Our son is already in Laos now ! Together of course with his beloved girl. After that they are going to Vietnam ! I don't know, these countries are just saying nothing to me.

Moobear said...

Hi Clara, Jana and Ingrid.
Great of you for getting that cat outta the water Clara. Poor thing coulda froze to death.BTW, how is Bill liking his chair? Drop me an email and I will try soon to do the same. :)
Yeppers Jana, the lights are soley for looks at night. The sad part is so far there ain't a single bird that I have seen on that feeder. I am wondering if it is cause it is too close to the house maybe? I dunno bout these things.I aint worrying with that lady; as another neighbor said, she is on our turf now! lol
Ingrid, I hope you have a great trip and enjoy the visit with your son and his girlfriend. It is going to be a quiet regular day here, other than Mrs. B and Jeff coming to eat with us. I also hope you have a safe trip.
Thanks all for stopping by.