Thursday, December 07, 2006

here I go...

I dunno if the Moobear in this sled is feeling like she is heading for Christmas or running from it. I am sorta straddlin the fence this year too. On my good days I love to hear the carols and get a bit cheered, but other days I bout soon watch the cartoon channel.

Since it is gonna be down right cold here tomorrow and specially Saturday morning, I thought while it was still in the 50's I best get myself to the grocery store today instead of getting out in the cold tomorrow. For those that do not know, they ain't got no bread much on Thursdays and there ain't no breadman there to fuss at like there is on Fridays. So I just took it in stride, stayed calm as we do have enough for Jerrell to pack his lunch again tomorrow. No need in fretting; in fact I have reached a point where I really don't fret over anything that I know of. Now deep down in my little brain I may be, just ain't got the wits to know the difference.

Which reminds me, I walked Roxy before I went and I won't out their over 10 minutes , come in and see a message on the answering machine. I play it and it is Jerrell's mama, Mrs. B wanting to ask me what time it is. Then she went on to tell me to also call her and tell her which day it is. Welp folks as you know we go out to eat on Thursdays and generally the same place and Mrs. B meets us there. Yesterday she called Jerrell at work and wanted to take us out to eat today. Duh! He said ok. So about 4:30 yesterday evening she called and said she just didn't think she wanted to go cause it would be dark fore she got home. I don't blame her a bit for that. But she isn't thinking that it is gonna be that way all winter! When I called her back to tell her what time it was, she said she was afraid she had missed church and I assured her that she didn't and that it was Thursday. I think the time is nigh that Jerrell makes the decision and Mrs. B will be staying with us. Now talkin bout the blind leading the blind... But with the good Lord's help I will do all that I possibly can to keep her here at home with us and not a nursing home. So if you folks think I am flaky now, just wait!

Okey dokey I got my root canal done last week and my last filling done yesterday, so right now I am cavity free and deep in debt. I am in a holding pattern for getting my partials. If all works as I have planned, I will use the insurance money to pay the nice, good looking heart doctor and the dentist and owe the hospital, cause I cannot think of anyone I could owe money and not worry a frog hair over than our awful hospital! We got weird insurance. We have a 2,500 deductible that another insurance company pays that. Now why didn't they just get a no deductible policy with Cigna and get it over with. Things like that I think about at night on my stool.

Also, since it is gonna be cold tomorrow, Moo will hafta build her first fire in the woodstove and there ain't no way I am leaving this house with no Moo fire in Woody. I know I will walk myself to death checking it. I got a note made on how to make sure that draft thingy is spose to be when burning and when poking and how far to leave that little knob open, so I feel assured I can handle it. We do live near the firestation tho.

Thank all you folks for coming by and I do hope you all have a great day.

God Bless!


Happymama said...

Did you hear it was snowing in the mountains, Boo?

Hope you're staying warm. I was out tonight and it was blustery cold. Cut right through my coat, it did!!

Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas season!

Love ya,

Gattina said...

Yeah, Christmas is approaching with big steps ! This year I have nothing to do but decorating my blog ! and as I love decorating I just do it. Mr. Gattino has bought a little Christmas decoration for the table (I really were surprised, I thought he didn't care about that) and that's it. Nobody in Waterloo has put Christmas decoration outside their houses because we have an awful weather it's raining and very stormy and warm like spring and everything would fly away.
Before taking your MiL in your house, think it over very carefully. First in your state of health it wouldn't be very recommandable and can't you get her somebody to check on her everyday and bring her food, cleans etc. my uncle had that (he lived in his house until his 95th birthday and then died) It was organized by the city of Madison and I don't think that he payed much for it as he had no money at all except his house (which he let to his church ! Usually I inherited it and even had the Testament, but according to the neighbors the church did a very good job on him !) It's never good when two generations are living under the same roof. Not any more !