Thursday, July 27, 2006

Being a woman takes too much maintenance

I am not like most women. Not just the fact, that I am taller than most women my age. I am proud to say I am 6 feet tall and glad LL Bean has medium tall pants just for me... Since I live a simple life, I treat myself simple. Some things I have to do just because I am a woman, like take premarin for them hot flashes, cook meals and what chores around the house I am physically able to do. Other things are just too time consuming, so I do not put on makeup everyday and hanging out around the house, most likely I have on my favorite pair of ole Lizs' capris, a teeshirt and sandals. I do like my Birkenstocks and my newest addition to my sandal family, my LL Bean sandals .Those gawd awful Rainbows that I hate are at my hairdressers on the For Sale rack!
I do get a wild hair once in a while and have my hair colored or hairlighted. I have some well earned gray hair, mostly around my face. That being the last place a woman wants to have gray hair. There is a remedy for all these woman problems if one chooses to do them. I can roll with the punches with most of women's freebies of life, but those hot flashes is just more than I had bargained for.

I am a simple dresser. I am a casual dresser; just as often as the occasions permit and fortunately more and more events are becoming casual. For many years you always dressed in your Sunday best when you had to go for a visitation at the funeral home or even a funeral you had to attend. That too, has become a bit more casual.

For casual I like to wear teeshirts and polo shirts with either capri's or shorts in the summer and sweaters and slacks in the winter. I especially like kaki as anything will go with a pair of kakis. When I do have to dress up, suits are my preference because they are comfortable and practical to wear. I do not like dresses although I do have them. I am just a suit person.

I was at the beach once with my my beach bum friend and I noticed her legs needed shaving, so being the nice, outspoken woman that I am, I told her she needed to shave them. She quickly told me she couldn't, that was the only way she could keep her stockings up on Sunday.
Enough said...... We all have our oddities and the good Lord sure blessed me well with them.

I ain't never had real thick eyebrows, but just enough to know they were there. Today my beautician suggested I get them waxed! I have heard of this new fangled way of plucking yo eyebrows, but I had never given a thought of putting myself through such an ordeal. But.....I am down in Alicia's book to be waxed next Thursday!! Now that should make for a heck of a good blog, if I don't chicken out fore then. As you all know by now, I like to live on the edge. At least I have matured enough that I don't take nor I am I offered many dares anymore, but when I was very young, you just didn't use the word dare around me or it was as good as done. Some of the dares would too make for a good blog maybe one day.

If a night comes when I get a good night's sleep, will be the day that just maybe I will have a good blog for you good folks. Until then, take care.
God Bless!

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