Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today was Doctor day...

Today I had a rescheduled doctor's visit because I forgot to go to the one I had last week. I just flat out missed it. I might add that this is a first for me. I forget a lot of things, but have never forgotten an appointment with a doctor. I guess it could be my age or the type of haphazard lifestyle I have created for myself since I have not been able to work for the last few years. I have no routine, no where to be at any given time most days. I have too much free time, so I should be able to remember the important things. I have always thought I was an organized person and most often had to be, in order to do the type of work I did. I never liked a messy desk, I had a place for everything and everything in its place. Have I passed over to sheer sloppiness?

When my doctor walked in I told him to make himself comfortable so he would feel like he was getting his monies worth. He sat down on his spinning stool and I started telling him what I wanted him to know, then he did his usual not much of anything stuff. He did think I needed a pneumonia shot as with COPD he thought it just might be benefical to me. My breathing is not up to snuff so he wants to get my oxygen level checked. Someone will come out and put something on for me to wear overnight. I know there must be a simpler way, but since he is the doctor I listened. He told me, "you like to live on the edge, dontcha?" Yep. He thought I should be more interested in quitting smoking than getting my oxygen level checked. I agreed as usual. He had already lectured me about smoking as he has for the last 13 years and I told him, you act just like Kevin. He laughed, because he knew Kevin had told Moo time and time again about her annoying, nasty, deadly habit. I told him since I had always lived on the edge, that if I find out that I am at the point that I need oxygen, then I will quit smoking. Not that I am advising anyone to follow suit, but I do not want to be on oxygen; therefore if I am told I need it, that will definitely motivate me to quit. I don't think my life needs anymore baggage to carry around. I am getting dependant on my inhaler and it has been faithful and good to me, so just maybe I can get by with it and stop smoking. Only time will tell or possibly that thingy on my finger overnight.

And I didn't even get my pneumonia shot! I guess he is getting forgetful too.
Running late, low on Gatorade and again about down to the hubs. So until...... God Bless!


Clara....in TN said...

I just read your blog today on smoking. I was once a smoker....quit in 1997. You will be surprised how much better one feels without all the nicotine in the body. It wasn't easy...even now, I still think about how good they used to taste, but I really think I have prolonged my life. Good luck on whatever you decide to do. Try quitting while you are doing something different...like on vacation or visiting your grandmother or something like that. After the fist three days, you will be over the hump. Good luck!

Moobear said...

Thank you for your kind and concerning thoughts. I will certainly ponder on them. I am so glad you were able to quit. I pray my day will come. Thanks for your site that I enjoy so much.
God Bless!