Sunday, July 30, 2006

Laugh, Love and Live...

I love to laugh, I love most anything funny. I am just happy!! Other than existing, I have no more reason than anyone else to be happy. I have always heard that people without good sense were happy. If that is the case, why this late in life would happiness just jump on me.

Happiness is not given to you, nor is it earned.To me It is a way of life. You cannot buy it, nor would you want to. I sorta think that happiness is in reality a blessing. Blessings come in many ways and none of mine came in a monetary form, but from love and giving and taking and caring, family, friends and foes. All make me happy.
You get out of anything - just what you are willing to put into it.

I can hardly get out of the bed in the mornings, takes me a good hour and a half to unstiff my body and get my wits together and yet I am happy about that! Just doesn't seem fair or right to me. I hope this continues because I can literally get happy over getting mad for a few minutes. That is just not logical, but that is the way I deal with life. Not saying it is good or bad, or is it for everyone, because it is just me and unique only to me I suppose.

Granted, without the aid of my prescribed medications, my life would be alot more painful, put me a little closer to the edge, so I am grateful for doctors knowing what one needs for their particular ailment. I think too now, I have more time to be happy and have more time to reflect on life since I don't have to be at work at a set time and worry with someone else's problems all day for a meager wage. I have a full day of nothing but 'time". How I use it even staggers me. I mostly do what I want to do as opposed to doing possibly what I should do or ought to do. Maybe happiness lies in between there somewhere. A day is 24 hours regardless of whether you work a job or stay home.
Happiness comes in different ways. Our bi- weekly visits with our youngest son makes me happy, a kiss from Roxy makes me happy. She is without a doubt the biggest kisser I know of. I remember when I was looking on the internet at dogs after we lost Scooter, the love of our life, when I ran across Roxy and her picture, it told a little about her and one thing that really impressed me was the comment about her loving to give sugar. WAS that ever an understatement! No wonder I call her sugarbugger. Oh yeah, she makes me and my husband happy.

Life has surely had it bumps, but I have managed to endure and I do not dwell on the bumps, but I try to look at the mountains I have climbed and only by the grace of God I can be happy ! For these ailments may have humbled my mind and my body in order for me to find happiness. Until......hopefully tomorrow...
God Bless!

5 comments: TN said...

Your blog made me happy today. You are so good with words. I'm glad you are happy. I think you live longer if you are happy.....and you have less wrinkles!!! LOL

Gattina said...

Yes, all you said is true. I am now in the third part of my life and I am happy. Now I can look back with a smile to all the bumps I had to endure but living them were hard !
Now I can get up in the morning telling me even when it's cold or rainy "what a beautifull day"

Moobear said...

Hi friends, Clara and Ingrid. I can tell by reading your blogs that you are happy folks. We are over the hump now, so lets slide down easily and have fun on the way down.
God Bless!

lovesjazzlovescoffee said...

You're right...happiness is a choice and you certainly have decdied to be happy. That's wonderful!!

I have had a few bumps...some harder to get over than others. I'll have to remember your words to encourage me!!

Have a great day!!

Moobear said...

Oh hon, there are still some bumps along my way, I just choose to laugh as I bump over them. Makes the ride smoother :)
God Bless!