Sunday, July 23, 2006

I have gone to the cats...

The adage, "it has just gone to the dogs" has been around for years. I know of people and things that have done just that. I am by nature more of a dog lover than a lover of cats. My husband and I are on our third dog during our 39 year tenure of being husband and wife. Our first dog, Cindy, grew up with our sons, so she was a family dog. When the empty nest syndrome set in after both our sons were grown and then on their own, we got Scooter, the love of our life. Scooter was our dog. He liked the visits from our sons and liked all people and loved to have company over so he could meet them and give them a sugar handshake. Scooter was sorta like my late mother tho' when the company left. I would always sing his little song, "When the storm is over, sweet will be the day". The same song my mother used to sing everytime company left during the 14 short years I had with her before her death. I have been known to sing it a time or two myself in the last few years.

I have found lately that I have lots of friends that love cats and it can't be all that bad cause they are very much similar in many ways to myself. Now I like a little kitten, but once they get to be cats, that is another story. I have one friend in California that her cat, named Katrina, earns her name from the Hurricane Katrina. She literally attacks my friend. My friend is a devoted animal lover as she loves Katrina enough to withstand the scratches and most likely scars from Katrina's many attacks. Surprise attacks too, not brought on by anything!
I also have met a blogger friend from Belgium who has a passionate love for cats and I commend her for that. Them little suckers needs love too, ya know?
Another friend of mine in Maine was telling me about her cat. It made for some good reading and an awfully good laugh so I will just share her email with ya'll. I am sure that Polly will not mind in the least. I personally ain't up to surprises when I am lucky enough to get some sleep, so Gattina my friend, I am backpeddling a bit on what I had told you earlier about possibly getting our newest and bestest dog Roxy a feline playmate. btw I am adding your link to my site so all the many other cat lovers can see your beautifully done cat blog.
I happily share this email and hope you see the humor in it that I did.

unedited...(.compliments of Polly from dear friend!)

Hi Claudia,

Sorry you arent able come come this summer..fall would be fine lol

I just moved out to the camp on Sat. It is really beautiful there. First night was a night from hell though. My cat Sophie did her usual...found this tiny mouse about half hour after I went to sleep and caught it and I didnt want her to eat it as she eats half, throws up and I step on the remains on my way to clean up the vomit. Then she goes up into the loft, jumps up onto the counter then the fridge but never takes the same way down. How she comes down, she jumps down onto my bed (doesnt matter I might be trying to sleep) "PLOP" Since she likes to fly thru the air, I think I will get her a paraschute and drop her off the Empire State building! She did this three times that night. But I love her and she is a lot of company. Anyway I couldnt seem to get to sleep and was up and down until one am, then she had me awake at 6. Last night was better and I slept like a log.

I am on office duty this afternoon and going to leave in 15 minutes so thought I would write a few lines. Then Doug is coming up to supper. I get lonely evenings if I dont plan to have someone over. Nice weather here. Hot..would make you feel right at home.

Thank you for the funny emails. I enjoy all of them. I especially liked the pink dots..facinating..
Hugs, Polly

There is no moral to this story. I just stuck to the facts my dear friends.
God Bless!


Grammie said...

Good a cat lover myself I enjoyed your posting as well as Polly's! I love my cat's independence and sense of fun...however, there is always time for that jump up in my lap for a scratch and a purr! Have a good day!

Moobear said...

Hi Grammy and thanks for your kind comment. I love cats. I guess I just haven't figured them out yet! Maybe that too, shall happen.
Enjoy your site as you are on my morning blog route. Thanks again.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...
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