Friday, July 14, 2006

I may have this dislike of grocery shopping beat....

All my life I dreaded the thought of and the actual process of going to the grocery store. Now in my old age, I can no longer hurry and have recently acquired patience. Something that I did not inherit, nor ever forced myself to use.
I thought patience was for the meek. I finally gave in to it as a last resort in my battle with anxiety.

I left out with my usual grocery list and a couple coupons and my bottle of water. Some stores make my mouth dry and grocery stores are the worst. In fact I have a bottle with me on any venture out that involves the movement of my vehicle since it causes dry mouth too. Dunno if it is my medications or just one of many weird things about me. Today was no different than usual, just a few different items needed. I always spend too much time talking now, as opposed to when I worked; whereas I could be in and out in of the store in 30 minutes on a good day. I can't pass someone I know without stopping and chatting a while. Pretty much all the workers know me by name as I live nearby and shop regularly every Friday and then Mon-Thurs I am usually found in there getting something that was on my "forget" list. I have a few vendors I like to attack when they quit carrying a product just about the time I get to really liking it or just down right addicted to it. Of course they blame the managment. Today I thought I was going to get the candy man for not having one single piece of butterscotch candy in the store, BUT it was the tater chip vendor and I had no beef with him. I got to the bread isle and was hoping the Pepperridge Farm bread man was there again, but not this time. But the discontinued bread I wanted was there! When they did carry it, they only left 2 loaves for the whole store for the entire week. I had attacked him several weeks back, so lo' and behold today there was 3 loaves. Miracles do still happen.

Frances the Jack of all trades girl was working the isle so I told her about it and she said sometimes customer complaints did work. I will say this for the sake of you knowing, I always attack in my usual comical and nice way. I told Frances that I was still working on the fish and the crowder peas. I had to attack management with those tho. Since the manager and I went to school together I just told him like it was. Bush has even got beans I cannot pronounce and they quit carrying crowder peas! I do not like canned beans, but in a serious case of don't wanna cook much, I have been known to throw in a can of Bush crowder peas as I find them to be the only and best canned bean I have eaten. Flounder is a favorite fish for us, so they of course quit carrying them. They got fish that grosses me out to look at them. Us southern folks were raised on flounder if we were lucky southerners. So my husband drives to one of two nearby towns to purchase our stock of flounder that the same chain has there, but cannot have here. Once in a while they put on a "trial teaser". They will carry plenty of it for about a month, then they discontinue it again. Now that does irritate me!

I am going, going, gone. God Bless!


Ron Southern said...

Never had so much fun grocery shopping as with you!

Moobear said...

I could have enjoyed it more if you had sat down in the buggy.

Anonymous said...
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