Thursday, July 13, 2006

Retired?....or just because?

Not knowing any stats, I have to assume there are about as many of us that don't work a public job, as there are the stay at homers. I paid my dues and worked most all the years after I finished high school and diddled around at a couple colleges. I later married and still there was a need to work. I always seemed to luck up and got jobs for the most part that I really enjoyed. Some jobs I left by choice and others by circumstance. I always did clerical work as that was what I started out doing. Fortunately for me, I worked long enough at one place that in 3 years I can reap some benefits in the form of a monthy retirement check. After 31 years having a detached office here in Albemarle, that company phased out all the detached offices gradually. I still had that jinx.
Had it not been for public work, I have always felt I would be worthless and now that I am unable to work, I was right all along.

The last day I was able to work was in December 2001. I am now on Social Security Disability and have been since August 2003. Although I am 62 now, it will not convert to Social Security until I am 65 , but I will keep disability payment amount, which is always greater than the social security amount would have been. I was told in my award letter that I would get my check in direct depost on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, which is a crock. It is put into the account at 1 minute after midnight, therefore, I am really getting it on the third Thursday of each month. They like to complicate things and me and adjusting don't go well together. The good part about working, except for my salaried jobs was getting paid weekly as some months had five weeks and I liked that! But..... now it is pure chaos. First I feel like I am getting cheated out of a week of work and it is soooo confusing. I know no one does their affairs the way I do mine. I do not nor should I write checks. So, my husband withdraws my $ on my payday and hurries home to watch me count it. I like to divide my wad out into weeks; that way I get a payday every week. A good way for me to budget myself. For whatever reason, this coming check I saw it having 4 weeks and then 6 weeks the next month. WHOA, I had to get my husband in on this and of course he had me totally messed up. I listened to him as I always do, then I do it the way I want to do it when all is said and done. After two days of he and I trying to show the other that "they" were the one wrong. we came to the conclusion that we both were.

FYI amd MOO I never had really given much thought about legalizing marijuana. That is until I saw a report on tv about the benefits of its use on the merits of its medical value. A lady was seizure free from the use, chemo receievers had less side efforts and cancer patients in general had less pain using marijuana when deemed of medical value by a physician. Having said that, there are 32 states that recogognize marijuana's medical value.

I have come to the conclusion that the government has not legalized the use of marijuana yet because they just haven't found a way to tax it.

I am outta here. Good day, God Bless!


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Hello, Little Something! I'm on your trail.

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