Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Very Good Day

Today is possibly a first for me, I have just now sat down at my computer long enough to read my emails. I started some research last night about 9 p.m. which is late for me to be on the pc. I was looking for a way to tell if my 63 year old flag was made by the widely known flag maker Annin & Co. This flag is proudly displayed in a flag box made my husband. It draped the coffin of my dad who was killed in 1943. Since Army issued flags were made by Annin, I am assuming this flag was as well. Without having to unfold the properly folded flag, I have looked and all I can find is a Stock # and dimension of the flag, which is 5' x 9½'. I don't give up easily, so if the sun comes up in the morning, I shall continue my search. Along with the flag search, I am gathering information on the 10th Mountain Division of which my dad was with when he was stationed at Camp Carson, Colorado. So far it has made for some interesting reading. I never liked history in school, but I cannot get enough of it now.
That also reminds me of my son, Jeff, who we were pleased to have for lunch today. Jeff majored in History in college and his sophomore year his dad told him that he might as well not go to college if he was only going for a degree in history. Thankfully, Jeff changed his major and got a BS in Math. He has learned alot about the world through having a map of all the countries on his new shower curtain. He has learned from showering where many countries are located, the cities, etc. Makes Moo want a new shower curtain.
As always, it was a joy to have him home and talk and visit with him. His dad and I had a good time with Jeff as we always do. Later in the afternoon we had a pleasant, but surprised visit with one of Jerrell's uncles. He is the youngest of the 13 children and one of the only two remaining. He is only 10 years older than Jerrell. He shared some "memories" of the ones gone on and the hilarious things that some of them did. He is so much like Jerrell's late dad, not only in looks, but in the way he talks and even his shape and mannerisms. He left and I felt so much better having had that time to spend and share many laughs with him.
I am now winding down and just before hitting the cliner. Soon it will be 8 on Sunday night and Kevin will be calling. I look forward to hearing about their two week business/vacation trip. Also interested to know if the quest for a beach house at Hilton Head Island, SC is still on. I will be sure and tell him that Hilton Head is in progress of passing No Smoking in all restaurants and all businesses, which will be a plus factored into their decision making. Oh, we don't mind. We can go outside.
Tomorrow will be here soon. Until...... God Bless!

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