Friday, July 28, 2006

A good morning after a bad night...

I got a little less than 5 hours of sleep last night and I had such big plans for today. With my mind in one direction and my body in another, I never seem to get all those things done that my mind thinks I can do.
Being in need of some new bedroom shoes, I saw that Belk had them on sale for half price and since I do like wearing this particular brand, I planned in my mind last night to run over there today and pick me up a pair. The last pair I got I had driven out of town just to get them because our Albemarle Belk did not have the style that I wanted in them.
I got the bedroom shoes this morning. With much effort I made myself go. It had been so long since I had been to Belk. They had changed stuff around and I had to hunt for just where the bedroom shoes were. They were also having a doorbuster sale, so I meandered around all the sale racks. I used to do that every Friday night when I worked. Go shopping for my weekly R&R.
After so many falls in the past few years, I have concluded that clogs or flip floppy type shoes are not for me. I wish I had known that before I got so many pairs of them. I later realized that each of my falls I was wearing the clog type shoes.
So after the really bad ankle sprain as a result of my last good fall, I decided I needed a shoe that was enclosed. I liked the ease of just slipping into a clog or shoe without a back on them so I bought me some dress shoes in that style as well. I was wearing a pair of the dress shoes to a doctor's appointment in Concord during the time of my falls. I was waiting on the elevator when one came available right next to the one I was waiting on, so I hurried right out of my shoes to the next elevator. After returning to retrieve my shoes, I decided then and there, they are just not reliable on ME or I was not reliable in THEM.
I have given several pair to my wonderful friend and neighbor, Pearlie, because she and I wear the same size shoe and she does not have any damaged leg or foot like I do. I had much rather someone get some wear out of them than to sit in the closet.
I will admit my weakness is shoes when it comes to shopping, whereas, some like pocketbooks or maybe both. I can carry the same bag for as long as it will last.
As a matter of fact, I am waiting on a pair of shoes I ordered from LL Bean a week ago today. Normally they would have been shipped and delivered by now, so about Wednesday I gavem a call and they told me they were swamped with orders for backpacks for back to school, so like I told the nice lady, it ain't like I gotta have them right now, just was afraid my order had gotten lost in the shuffle. I told her I can wear my sandals I got from them til my other shoes get here. Hard to beat their prices, no tax and free shipping and sent to your door. That is my kinda shopping.
The good hubby says he will take me to the grocery store today since I ain't up to par today, so he has just gotten home from his R&R and I just know he will be wanting some supper later so I guess I will head out for the grocery store. As you know, that is one of many things I highly dislike having to do. So until..... have a great day and stay cool!
God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog today....brought back many fond memories of the times we have been shopping and all the shoes (and other things) we have bought over the years!!
Enjoy those bedroom shoes. By the way, did you buy anything else?

Moobear said...

Hello Paulette,
Oh YEAH I bought a pair of white linen (washable) capris that come down a tad further than most. They wear really good. I am sure if you had been with me I would have bought MORE, you just seem to cause me to do that. :):)
Have a good day friend!
God Bless!