Wednesday, July 05, 2006

WHAT I have learned today...

This has been one of the busiest days I have had on my computer in quite some time. It began last night and continued today. Why you ask? Fun, just pure ole timey fun with new friends and fellow bloggers. One thing I have learned in my short time of blogging is that true bloggers are good folks and will offer you help in a New York minute. Although I am a "newbie" at all this blogging stuff, I was able to help one of the helpers today. Thank you Ron for our many talks today. "Rat" is a blogger- helper at the help site, as well as keeping, I think I counted, 4 blogs going. He is from Chigger, Texas; can't say that I have ever heard of it and knowing "Rat" he might be from Tim Buck Two. Along the way I met Michael, a retired English professor from New Jersey. I highly recommend Michael's blog as it is very spiritual and makes for some rewarding and moving reading. His blog is Bro. Michael-G's Prayers and I know he will just be delighted to have you visit his website. He needed some help getting him a site counter and luckily I was able to help him. I cannot forget MamaMouse either, a great blog she does have. She is very creative, so drop in and visit her site as well at ~~MamaMouse's Chatter~~ cause I know she will appreciate it. Blogging these few weeks has brought me so much joy and the chance to meet some wonderful folks. I have met more nice people in one day blogging than I did in almost a year of message boards. Reckon bloggers are just a better breed of people is the way I see it. They are out to help folks rather than hurt them.
Ya'll will never believe what I also learned today. For all ya'll LL Bean customers, I found out today that LEON LEONWOOD (L.L.) BEAN sewed leather uppers to rubber overshoe bottoms in 1912 to keep his feet dry on deer hunting trips. He sold a few pairs to friends and neighbors and as word spread, orders for his boots came pouring in. He turned it into an outdoor clothing business. Source of this information came from Jerrell today. He read it in his "Uncle John's GREAT BIG Bathroom Reader book, better know as Jerrell's "throne" book. Just full of useless knowledge that all men need to know. Since I am a regular LLBean contributor, it makes me look forward to wearing my new LLBean boots I ordered recently when it gets winter time.
I am amazed at how I retain all this knowledge long enuf to tell you all about it.
Today is normally hump day but since most folks are on vacation this week I guess it is just Wednesday. Another good day that the Lord has made!
Until later, God Bless!


Mama Mouse said...

Why thank you ma'am for plugging my blog! I appreciate it! I'll visit Michael's blog, but maybe tomorrow. I had a bad morning and and falling asleep about 10 hours earlier than normal! I usually go to bed when hubbys goes to work and then get up in time to fix him dinner. One of the perks of having kids that live a LONG way from home! LOL

I agree about message board people. For the most part I would rather not even read a message board! Of the people I've met blogging (actually spent time chatting with) I haven't met a single one I didn't like at least at some level. You are bound to click some more than others though! But for the most part it seems to me a nicer bunch.

Well ... I think I'm off to bed now ... but will probably wake up about 3am ... drat it!

Will be back tomorrow!

Ron Southern said...

Nice post. Yeah mama mouse is a good spirit and pretty smart, too.

Anonymous said...
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