Friday, July 21, 2006

Chaos in the Middle East and religion...

Many are troubled over the events happening in the Middle East. All the cable news networks are forcing it on us and their intentions are well, as most people are interested. I am interested in Beirut Lebanaon for one reason, I have a wonderful Lebanese friend that I have known for nine years and he happens to live there. His welfare is my only concern.

No one should be concerned if they could realize that this is just the beginning of what will be in due course, the end. Peace will come in the form of a person capable of convincing "the people" that we now have peace. He may not be born yet, or he may be amongst us now. He will be the anti christ.
Fullfillment of the Bible must be followed and must be met, we are doing just that, so need for me to get all worked up when All things are possible to those that love the Lord.

I choose to ignore it, see it as it really is and chuckle at those unknowing politicians that speak about achieving peace. Ignorance is truly bliss.

In closing I will share with you an excerpt from an email from a very dear family member. It is quite appropriate for the times we are living in.


"I do feel sorry for many people, there are lots of really good people who just don't see how simple the gospel really is!! And, no matter how good you are, you are lost without trusting the gospel...cause it takes perfection to enter Heaven if you're going to do it on your own".

After the Rapture(when the true believers are taken home), this Anti-Christ
(he will really pretend to be The Christ) will make a 7 year contract with Israel
and their enemies guaranteeing peace for that time. The whole world will be amazed
at his ability. After 3.5 years he will claim that he is God and demand worship. Many
will be deceived. He will turn on Israel, breaking his contract, and persecute them
with all his might. But, God will protect Israel from him supernaturally, and Jesus
will return. At this time, all Israel will be saved, as they will recognize their King the
2nd coming unlike the 1st!

"True Christianity isn't a religion. Religion is rituals and ordinances where a man tries to make himself acceptable to God; whereas true Christianity is God making man acceptable to God. All it requires is faith, trusting that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again!"
The Gospel of the grace of God is found in I Corinthians 15:1-4.

Little said, much meant! God Bless!

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