Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's emails like this that makes my blogging worthwhile...

I received this email today and I am sharing with you. Thank you Merle!
God Bless!

Dear Claudia

I have just visited your site. I am just starting to search the web, etc. And I think that I would also like to have my own blog but are not so sure of how things work and what are the costs involved. You write very well and I am not sure if I would be any good at it. How do you know whether and how many people read your blog?

Kind regards

Merle Martin
Cape Town, South Africa


Mama Mouse said...

Its these kinds of things that make blogging fun! The number of people you meet and the places they live!

I thank you for stopping by my blog and welcome you to the wide world of blogging! Its fun even for women of our experience. Let me just say it is SOOOOOO nice to meet someone MY age for a change! I'm 60 and there aren't many of us out here in blogland!

I love the blue of your blog ... of course blue is my favorite color!! I AM partial to it even though my blog isn't blue. However my next redecorating project is in shades of blue ... but I'm saving that one for later this summer. Then again I might go with an autumn theme. I just don't know at this point. I am never content I guess! LOL

Rat (Ron) is a real character but he knows his stuff. I enjoy chatting with him too. If you have any questions you can post them on the Google group or you can email me at mama46mouse@yahoo.com

I'll be back! I'm blogrolling you!

Moobear said...

It's nice to meet you too mama mouse. We might be old but we ain't going backwards, eh? Thank you for stopping by and come on back any ole time. I try to keep something fresh on the burner. No set time for me to post. When I started this, I told myself I wasn't gonna make it work cause if I did one day I just might quit. I do it for the sheer pleasure and for folks like you that are nice enough to come visit and encourage me. Hon I got two years on ya, but Good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise, I will view your site tomorrow. Thanks again my friend.
God Bless!
oh yeah......keep on blogrolling too! and yes ole Rat is a good ole boy!

Mama Mouse said...

I'll keep coming back!

One tip to make blogging fun ... KEEP it fun. When it gets to be work, then its time to change what you are doing or stop. Keep it what YOU want it to be ... nothing more, nothing less! Don't feel pushed into doing what a lot of people do, just because a LOT do it. I don't usually follow the crowd ... I just do my own thing.

I usually post just after midnight as I am a nightowl.

Clara....in TN said...

I have both of you beat.....I am 69, and love Blogging.....My Blog is Clarascorner.com

Ron Southern said...

I am NOT a good ole boy. I may be an ole boy, though. Sigh.

Bette Davis said, "Growing old ain't for sissies."

I also heard a song by Bette the other day on the Internet radio I had on. Apparently, there's a whole album of her speaking wonderfully through the songs. Some of it she even manages to sing. A rank amateur at singing, but she could act the lyrics and give them a big boost. For some reason, never heard her sing!