Saturday, July 08, 2006

You never know til you try

(Courtesy of "Two Minutes with the Bible")

This is spose to be going round and round. If it isn't.....then play like it is! That is sorta the way I am right now. Going round and round and reading different folks blogs. I have come to the conclusion that there are some really smart and funny folks in Blogsville. No way I could or would tackle much more than I have already. At least it would have to be in moderation or near total shut down mode. I prefer right now to enjoy other's beauty and that I have done today. I start my day with Bro Mike's site to get my morning inspiration. Drop by Sallys and see how her moving preparations are coming along. Just naming a few, I wander on to mama mouse's place and then to clara's corner and see all the pretty pictures and some reading. I drop in on Johnny in the UK for his latest news and of course I make it to Rat's place and get my laughs for the day. I always have good intentions and usually do what I say I will do, so the first day that comes 'round that my "thinker" is turned on, I am going to add these good folks links to my website so if anyone visits here they can also move on to bigger and better things and enjoy these folks sites. There are times when some folks just click and bingo you have a new friend. Nothing better than friends. From all walks of life, some are very smart, all are kind, some know the ropes more than others and some even wear the same shirt everyday, but each one are unique in their own ways and that's what makes the world go round. My world just seems to be going round a little faster than I would prefer. So if my little thingy up there doesn't go round and round, I am just thankful that I had the desire to try. Until.....

God Bless!

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Bro. Michael-G's Prayers said...

Claudia; As always entertaining and I will try "Rat". There are times when a good laugh is like a dose of castor oil makes the hurt go right away.
There is a Bro. Mike blog and that is not me. Bro. Michael-G is me.