Thursday, November 30, 2006

just a little bit...

Many of you folks remember me talking about my precious neighbor, Pearlie, who was in the hospital a few weeks back. She had to get the infection cleared up before she could have her gallbladder removed. She went for her blood work on Monday and was scheduled for surgery yesterday morning at 8:30. I talked with her on Tuesday night on the phone to tell her I would be thinking about her the next morning. She was in high spirits and told me she would be home in no time as it was to be done on an out patient basis. They were to make three small bandaid incisions and literally suck the gallbladder out, which just blows my mind that things like that can be done.

Each time I walked Roxy yesterday I noticed she still wasn't home and on my last walk at a little after 3:00 I became concerned. It was shortly after 4:00 when her daughter called me to tell me that the surgeon had clipped a vessel about the size of your little finger on her pancreas, therefore had to open her up to stop the bleeding and to remove her gallbladder. I was not surprised, but I was very upset. A similar simple procedure was done by this same surgeon to an acquaintance of hers. The same thing happened cept it was a vessel in the intestines and that person died. I was also told that her husband and son was very upset and I can certainly understand why. Our hospital at best is a good First Aid Station. I had a choice with my heart cath, but I knew the same doctor would do the procedure, not none of the ding dongs from Albemarle or I would not have had it done here.

I ask that you folks remember Pearlie in your prayers. She was pretty much out of it with demerol as she was in a lot of pain yesterday. I have not heard anything today yet, but I do hope she is feeling some better. She will be in there for 2 or 3 days and I feel like it most likely will be 3.

I got an email from my youngest son Jeff this morning with a site showing where they had captured a sex offender in Charlotte and also are investigating him for a murder of a young girl in California. I read the article and saw the news video clip from the tv station in Charlotte that was on the news yesterday. The scary part about this is that this man worked at the desk beside Jeff for about a month at Hearst Publishing in Charlotte. He had only been in Charlotte for about two months. He lived in Center City, in the Marriot and that was his MO, he moved from city to city under aliases and lived only in nice hotels. I emailed Jeff back and he said that the guy did not show up for work about mid week last week and of course everyone was talking about it today and yes there was something strange about him, but Jeff said no one could put their finger on it. That is a bit too close to home.

I gotta run, have a few things to do before I head out to get my hair done. Hope all you folks have a great day!

God Bless!

6 comments: TN said...

I'm so sorry about Pearlie....My goodness...I hope that Doctor never sets his practice up in Bristol. That's awful. Will her husband and son take action against the Doctor?
I will lift her up in my prayers.

That Cleaning Lady said...

God speed health to Pearlie, and give that doctor an annurism so he stops surgerying on people! Sounds like he's not worthy of operating on a horse!
Hope your hair turned out pretty and hope Roxy's does too!
Oh, meant to ask you if you might have an old-fashioned recipe for ginger bread? The kind where you use real ginger?? My favorite desert is ginger bread and lemon pudding and this snowy weather has me in the mood, and not for that box-stuff, tastes like mud to me. THANKS!!

dot said...

I'm glad they caught that guy! So sorry about your friend. Hope she recovers quickly.

Ordinary Janet said...

Poor Pearlie, hope she recovers and is as good as new soon! I wonder if they're gonna give her a big bill. It's adding insult to injury to bill people for surgeons' mistakes.

Glad they caught that guy! You never know who's sitting next to you, do you? TN said...

Saturday...Dec 2nd. Hi Claudia, I'm thinking of Pearlie this morning. How is she doing?

Moobear said...

Hello All and thanks All!
Pearlie got home late afternoon yesterday and has improved daily.She is very sore. I will be sure and tell her that you folks have asked about her. Hope you all have a great day!

God Bless!